by Storm Richards



Heyes and Kid leaned against the porch post. "I know what you're thinkin' Kid, but it's too risky."


Kid pouted as he watched the potential contestants line up. "One dollar to enter," the mayor of the town barked. "Just one dollar for the chance to win twenty-five dollars, step right up."


Kid sighed.


Heyes gave him a sideways glance.

"Kid, ain't ya gonna enter?" Kyle asked as he walked up to the pair. "It's your favorite." Gulping as Heyes glared at him, Kyle kept walking towards the rest of the Devil's Hole gang;  who were standing of to the side about fifty feet away.


"Well?" Wheat asked.


"Don't think Heyes wants ‘im t’."


"Why not?"


"Didn't ask."


"Then how'd ya know?"


"Heyes looked at me.”

Wheat waited for more.

"The look," Kyle explained.


"The look," Lobo stated.

Kyle nodded.

"Heyes don't want him t' enter."

Kyle nodded in agreement. The gang stood watching Heyes and Kid as the contestants continued to line up.


"Heyes," Kid quietly said. "I can win this."


"I know. I just think it's too risky." Glancing at Kid out of the corner of his eyes, Heyes could tell Kid was building up for a fight. In an attempt to get the upper hand he asked, "What are ya gonna do if you're recognized? You'll be up there all alone - I can't watch your back?"


"I can take care of myself," Kid sternly stated.


"You can?"


"I've been doin' it a long time now, seems, I'm the one that watches yours."


Heyes glared at Kid. "We're partners. Partners stick together."


"Yeah, so this time I go it alone. It's not the first time we've split up".


"I just don't like the idea, Kid. We get in most of our trouble when we're apart."


"I'm not gonna be that far away from you - what ten, fifteen feet?"


"Yeah, and there'll be a lot of people between us. I won't be able to get to you if you need help."


"I can handle myself."


"If you're gonna be stubborn about it," Heyes snapped


"We can use the money," Kid tried to console.


"It's only twenty-five dollars."


"Its twenty-five dollars more than what we got and I can win. I know I can."


"Fine," Heyes stated as he pushed himself off the post, walking away from Kid.


Kid sighed and walked up to the contestant line. "All right, hands behind your backs," the mayor yelled.

Stopping, Heyes turned to look at Kid. Catching his glance, Kid held it for a minute before turning and walking off the stage.


Heyes caught up to him as they watched the contestants, hands tied behind their back sit, waiting for the mayor to start the contest. "Go," he called out and all the men dove face first into the blueberry pies on the plate in front of them.


Looking at the men and their face covered in pie Heyes chuckled. "Still tempted?" he asked.


Kid stared longingly at the pie and sighed.

"Glad you backed out when you found out your hands would be tied,” Heyes said, trying to smooth things over. "It looks like they're wearin' more than they're tasting'."


"Yeah," Kid groaned, "you were right. I couldn't take the chance."


Looking around, Heyes spotted the sign in front of the café and smiled. Patting Kid on the back, Heyes pleasantly stated, "You know this is the blueberry festival."  Pointing to the sign that read, special - half a blueberry pie, Heyes asked, "How ‘bout I buy you the biggest piece of blueberry pie they have in the café?"


A smile grew across Kid's face. "Sounds like a plan," he stated as they quickly headed towards the café.