The stars were shining bright in the clear crisp autumn night.  The two ex-outlaws sat propped on their saddles, around their campfire, coffee cups in hands, warming them.  You could see for miles and miles as the flat land ahead, behind and to the sides was void of any type of civilization.  There was barely a tree in site.  The two sat in silence, listening to the flickering of the flames and the various typical outdoor noises.


The blond one shifted, “Heyes.”  There was no response.  He cleared his throat and raised his voice a little, “Heyes.” He turned his head to stare at his partner.


“Hmmm,” seeing the glare, the brown haired man sat up.  “You talking to me, Kid?”


“No, I’m talkin' to the coyote in the next territory…who do ya think I’m talkin' to?”


Heyes contemplated a moment, “You could be talking to yourself.”


“I’m not you.”  Kid sounded indignant.


“Geez, no need to get all proddy.”


Kid sighed.


“What did ya want?”


Kid thought for a second, “I was just thinkin’, that, Storm lady, she hasn’t written anythin’ in a long time.  This new phantom administrator was real nice and made this month's challenge her name because it was her birthday.”




“Well, it’s September 30th and she still hasn’t written one word.”


“And how would you know that.”


“Because I’m not hurt, you ain’t been shot, we ain’t runnin’ from no posse, the gang ain’t here.  We’re just hangin’ in the middle of nowhere, havin’ a good cup of coffee.”




“Well to start with…the coffee is good!”


“I always like my coffee.”


“You’re the only one.”


Heyes snorted.  “So why ya thinking about Storm?”


“Just wonderin’ what happened to her.  Maybe she forgot about us or somethin’,”  Kid said sounding a little hurt.


“She didn’t forget about us.”  Heyes forcefully stated.


“Whoa, that didn’t sound like someone who wasn’t worried about bein’ forgotten.”


“I’m not worried,” Heyes stated trying to convince himself as well as Kid.


Kid chuckled.


“I’m not!”  Heyes defiantly announced.  “Storm would never forget me, um, us!  She’s just been real busy and all.”


“Ha!  You’re worried one of your girls forgot you!!”




As the words came out of Heyes’ mouth the stars disappeared.  The wind picked up, and a large clap of thunder echoed across the plains.


“Now you did it!”  Heyes exclaimed.


“Did WHAT?”  Kid yelled over another booming blast of thunder as lightening lit up the sky.


“You said, she didn’t write.”  Heyes placed his hand firmly on his hat as it threatened to blow off his head.  “You said she forgot about us!  You had no faith in her.  You basically dared her to write something…and she is!”


“Your point, Heyes?”  Kid snarled as his eyes darted around looking for some type of cover.


“The point is the prompt is STORM!!!  So Storm has to write about a STORM!”


Kid’s shoulders slouched as the torrential downpour started across the plains and was beelining straight towards them.


“We are in the middle of nowhere, no trees, no shacks, NO NOTHING for cover!”  Heyes bellowed as he sunk down against his saddle, hand still holding the ever so precious hat in place, resigned to take whatever Storm had planned for them.


“Heyes, she’s your girl, do something," Kid pleaded.


“I’m not the one who dared her.  I’m not the one who said she forgot about us…ME!!!  This is all on YOU.”


“Come on, Heyes.”  The waterfall of water was just inches away from dousing them and getting closer.  “Okay, okay…”  Kid yelled into the sky.  “I’m sorry!  You were just busy.  You didn’t forget about us.”  Droplets of water began to hit Kid.  “You would never forget about us…forget Heyes! “  The wind blew toward Kid and he got a nice spray of water in the face.  “I will NEVER doubt you again!!!”


With that the wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the stars reappeared.


Kid wiped his face dry on his sleeve and turned to Heyes.  Creasing his brow he stated, “You’re not wet!”


“Nope,” Heyes sat up and picked up his coffee cup.


Kid looked down at himself, he was wet.  Not soaked to the bones wet, but wet.  He looked at his coffee cup and it was turned over.  He looked back at Heyes.  “You were sitting right next to me.”


“Yep,” Heyes took a nice long sip of his warm coffee.


“How come you’re not wet and your coffee is still hot?”


“Like ya said, Kid, Storm is my girl and I never doubted her.”


Kid glared at Heyes.


A smile spread across Heyes’ face showing his dimples and he knew everything would be right in the world.