One Girl

by Storm Richards



(The missing scene from One Night, One Girl and One Rescue)





Entering the saloon they paused, scanning the interior, taking note of who was there and if they recognized any faces.  Satisfied they continued towards the bar.  Kid's head turned as a lady with long red hair appeared at the top of the steps.  She wore an off the shoulder bright violet dress that stopped right above her knees.  The front was cinched up so tight her breasts were barely held inside.  He smiled as their eyes locked on each other.  Heyes followed Kid's glance, patting his partner on the back, he turned off to the far end of the bar as Kid continued forward taking the steps by two.  Stopping at the top, blue eyes glanced back, his partner gave a small nod. Kid took the girl's hand and disappeared into the upstairs hallway.  Heyes positioned himself in front of the steps at the end of the bar where he could see the entire saloon, including the batwing doors and ordered a whiskey. 


"We have an opening at the table if you want t’ join," said a man sitting at the closest poker table.


"Gonna enjoy my whiskey for a little bit, and then I'll sit," the brown haired man replied lifting the whiskey in the man's direction and taking a sip.  He would sip this one and maybe one more before Kid would be done. Then it would be his turn to find his relief. 






"Jessie," Kid said as he leaned in, taking her mouth, devouring it as he pinned her to the hallway wall.


"Kid," she said breathlessly as she came up for air. "Let's go to my room."


Kid once again hungrily attacked her lips as they maneuvered their way to her room. Closing the door behind her she stated, "Kid, slow down, it's not a race. Take all the time you want."


"Jessie," Kid breathed out. "I plan on taking my time, but right now, I need you."


She took a step back from him and put her arm out to keep him away.


He looked into her eyes.


She smiled, taking her hand and pulling on the lace holding her corset together. With one little tug, the bow was undone and the top popped

opened exposing her breasts.


Kid smiled and began to reach out.


"Ah ah," she said as she shook her finger at him while smiling seductively. "I know what you want. Just give me a second. I promise it will be worth the wait."  She place two fingers in the top of her dress by her shoulders and pulled out slightly. Wiggling, the dress dropped to the floor. 


Kid had his eyes locked on her body. She was young with a medium build, a flat stomach and ample bosom.


She stepped out of her dress; all she had left on were her stockings and lace up boots. Jessie moved closer to Kid, leaning into him. He slanted his mouth over hers as he ran his hands up and down her body. His mouth moved to her neck as her hands found the bulge in his pants. Kid moaned at her touch and she giggled.


"Oh, Kid, someone needs to be freed." With her expert fingers, she made quick work of the buckle on his gun belt. As she was about to drop it to the floor, he grabbed it, placing it on the dresser next to him. She then undid the buttons on his pants, reaching in to free him. "Oh, my," she breathed as she felt the size of him in her hands.


Kid pushed his pants to the floor. Turning around she bent over and held onto the brass rail of the bed for support.  Kid looked at her nice smooth rear end and put his hands on either side. "Oh Jessie, you know what I need," he grunted as he positioned himself right behind her. He leaned over, kissing the back of her neck while running his hands over her smooth skin. Slipping one hand under her, he inserted a finger inside her.


"You're as ready as I am," he chuckled.


"I wanted you the second you walked into the saloon," she moaned as his hand began a rhythmic assault and then he slowly removed it.


With one hand she reached down and guided him into her.  Kid moaned as he felt her encircling him the deeper he penetrated her. "Oh Jessie," he cried out as he tried to be gentle, be slow, but the urge to thrust into her hard and out of control took over. He placed both hands on her hips. She held onto the bedrail as he began to drive himself into her as deep and as fast as he could. Needing the release of the day, the robbery, the posse. He pounded into her with all he had, stroke after stroke, pushing into her as far as he could. He could feel her getting wetter and hotter as she responded to his actions. Thrusting himself with one sole purpose, Kid became more aroused feeling her tighten around him.


"Jessie,"  he called out and let go with everything he had.


Her muscles tightened around him as she screamed his name out, "Kid!"


He plunged into her one last time.  Leaning over her, Kid breathlessly kissed her back, staying there for a moment.  Then  he wrapped his arm around her waist and said, "Bed." 


The two shuffled to the bed and collapsed. After a few minutes, they both took the time to remove their boots and remaining clothes. Kid lay on the bed with Jessie resting her head on his arm.


"I'm sorry I could make it last," he said still out of breath and sounding apologetic.


She giggled, "You never can the first time" She leaned over and kissed his cheek.   "That's why it's a good thing the site of you makes me wet."


Kid's eyes drifted down to hers as she looked up at him.


"Just seeing you walk in that door," she sighed. " I'm ready and willing right then and there. All you have to do is look at me and I practically have an orgasm thinking of what's to come."


Kid chuckled. "Hmmm, Jessie, you're amazing." He leaned down and kissed her temple.  Laying quietly along Kid's side, she gently and ever so softly ran her hands up and down his chest. He began to moan as she slowly went lower with each pass of her hand. Leaning into him, she kissed his chest then ran her finger around his nipple. 


"You do have the touch, Jessie," Kid breathed out quietly, as his eyes closed and he enjoyed the sensation. 


"You say the kindest things," she replied as she propped herself up on her elbow, leaning over, she licked his already erect nipple. Reaching down she cupped his sack.


He moaned and his manhood began to become erect. She gently began to squeeze and massage him as she began to work her way all the way up his shaft. "Oh Kid," she exclaimed. "You feel so wonderful, I want you" she whispered in his ear and then nibbled his lobe before she ran her tongue ran around it. Jessie giggled, "Looks like we're not done for the night."


Kid rolled over pinning her beneath him and captured her mouth. As he came up for air he said, "Since when have I come in here and been done with you after only one time?" He dipped his head down and nipped the hollow of her neck.


She moaned with pleasure.


"This time, I'm going to take it nice and slow. I want to feel everything" Kid stated as he began to rain kisses down Jessie's neck, ending at a nipple. His tongue lightly circled it and then gave it a flick. She began to squirm under his weight. "You like that do you?"  Kid flicked her nipple again and Jessie moaned louder as she tried to move under him. He chuckled, "I've got you right where I want you, you aren't going anywhere." Leaning down, he kissed her nipple gently and then placed his mouth over it as he sucked it in.


Jessie's head rolled to the side as she hummed in delight. As he sucked the one side, his hand came up and began to fondle the other side. First gently and then more vigorously; taking the nipple between his finger and his thumb. She wrapped her fingers in his blonde curls as he continued to suck gently and then more ravenous on her breast. Releasing the breast he was fondling, he slid his hand down her body and helped spread her legs.  He lifted his head and looked into her eyes as he inserted a finger.


She gasped.


Kid smiled and dipped his head in for a kiss as he inserted another finger. They slowly moved in and out of her.


Coming up for air she begged, "Kid, I want you."


He chuckled, lifted himself up on his elbows and positioned himself above her.


She ran her hands up and down his muscular chest.


He lowered himself so the tip of his manhood touched but didn't enter her. He held himself there and ever so slightly moved so the tip would rub her most sensitive spot. 


"Kid," she called out. "I want you now!"


Kid chucked and rubbed her again.


"Please," she pleaded as she wrapped a hand around his rod and lifted her hips to meet him.


Kid moved ever so slightly so the tip of his rod just penetrated her outer lips.


"Oh,"Jessie cried out.


He smiled and with one long thrust he drove himself fully into her as she screamed out in pleasure. Kid pulled back ever so slowly until he was almost out and plunged himself into her again. She grabbed hold of his back and dug her nails in as her legs lifted up and wrapped around his waist. He continued his slow assault a few more times and then began to speed up the rhythmic pounding. He leaned his head down and sucked her breast again. Lifting his head up, he closed his teeth gently around her nipple, pulling it. She let out another scream of delight as she began to tight around him. Feeling her begin to constrict, he picked up the pace even more until he didn't think he could take in any more.


"Jessie," he yelled out and could feel her tighten around him and then start to pulsate as her head began to thrash back and forth.


"Kid!"  she screamed out in ecstacy.


With one last thrust into her, he found his release. Rolling off of Jessie, he lay panting on the bed.






A short time later, Kid emerged from the upstairs hallway. Heyes looked up and caught his eye. Kid gave a nod as he started down the stairs. Heyes' turned and walked over to the poker table, "Mind if I join you?" he pulled out the chair and sat down as Kid took his position at the bar and ordered himself a whiskey he would nurse.


Heyes smiled as the cards were dealt and he placed his ante on the table. It was his turn to find the release from the day, the robbery, the posse.