The young lady stumbled out of the General Store and directly into the arms of the strappingly good-looking, unsuspecting cowboy.


“Whoa, ma’am,” the brown-haired man reacted and steadied her.


“I’m so sorry.”  She smoothed her dress and then looked up.  “I…” she stammered, seeing a dimpled smile spread across the most gorgeous face she had ever seen.  “I…I am sorry, sir.”


“My pleasure.” The cavernous – deep enough to jump in and hide in –dimpled smile spread, reaching his eyes.  “Are you alright, ma’am?”


“Are you hurt?” the blond man asked pushing his partner slightly aside.   “Here, let me help you with those packages.” He held out his hands.


She looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen; they put sapphires to shame.  She looked at the bags in her hands, hmmm, maybe she had time to visit the jeweler.  “Oh, these foolish things….” She blushed thinking what she had purchased.  “Here,” she handed over one of her bags so she could fan herself from the sudden heat that had overtaken her.  She sighed, getting caught up in the wondrous pools of water he called eyes.  “Oh, I’m rather parched,” she stated, never taking her eyes off the mesmerizing orbs.   Just to hop in and cool off in those aquamarine pools of life would certainly cool me off, she thought. 


Rolling coffee-colored eyes were met with a smirk from the cherubic-faced one. 


“Ma’am, can I get you some water?” the man in the tan pants asked.


Turning towards the silky voice,  she smiled, “Why thank you, but I am fine.”   She sucked in her breath and bit her lip looking at the way the navy blue shirt fit the man.  If I fainted, which of these lovely specimens would catch me, which one would I like to catch me? She thought to herself as she was lost in the beautiful music that was his voice.  She noticed his long tapered fingers resting oh so innocently on his hips, and she swayed. 


“Can we help you get somewhere?” The other fella pushed the brim of his brown hat up so he could see her better, so she could see him better. She was young, but not too young, with long flowing hair which he assumed meant she wasn’t married.  He liked what he saw, but she liked what she saw even better. He flashed her one of his you can’t resist me smiles.


“No,” she absently responded and shifted the remaining bag in her hand; it slipped.  Bending down to get it, she noticed the low slung gun belt, hanging ever so enticingly on the hips of the man with the grey pants.  She gasped and fanned herself once more.  Oh what could be better, she thought… chaps!  She blushed at the thought and concentrated on just breathing. 


“Ma’am,” he ran his hand through his golden curls, “are you alright?” 


Baby-blues met deep thinking eyes as the partners shrugged.


“Ma’am?” the cowboy with the black hat inquired.


Caught by the luxurious tone of his voice, she looked up and into delicious pools of chocolate.  She licked her lips.  “Mmmm…” escaped through them as her eyes never left his.  Her heart beat a little faster as the cowboy tipped his hat so far back that it should have fallen off, but somehow it remained in place, on top of the cocoa-colored mane. 


Uncomfortable with the scrutiny, and with his silver tongue abandoning him, he shifted.  “Ma’am?”


Undaunted, she stared back at the rich, dark chocolate candy pieces that were staring back at her.  Her mind wandered again, diving into the lakes of ecstasy; bathed in pure unadulterated liquid chocolate.


Suddenly, she blinked, shook her head and basically snapped out of it.  “I’m really hungry.   Well, actually I need something sweet, like chocolate!” she announced, took the bag out of the slightly younger partner’s hand, turned on her heels and walked back into the General Store.


The best friends looked at each other and chuckled.


 “Whiskey?” the gunslinger asked.


“Poker,” the leader of the most successful outlaw gang replied.