By Storm Richards




Hannibal Heyes sat at the table; pen in hand, paper at his beck and call.  The candle on the corner of the table emitted a low light that flickered and danced off the walls.  The fireplace sat cold and empty, not wanting to alert anyone watching that there were inhabitants in the small shack.  He sat staring at the paper, trying to will an idea...a plan to jump out of his brain and on to it.  


"Heyes," a quiet voice rang out of the darkness.  


No response as the man was deep in thought.


"Heyes," she said a little louder as she moved up behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders.


Startled, he started to reach for his gun but stopped as he heard the giggle and warm touch of her hand on his.


"You really were deep in thought.  Going for your gun," she giggled again and rolled her eyes.  "Any ideas?"


"No," he shook his head in disgust.


"Maybe you're trying too hard. Maybe a little sleep."


"Sleep isn't going to do anything; I need to figure out a way to get us out of here safely.  The posse..."


"Is still down the mountain," she interrupted and then began to run her hand up his arm. "It's absolutely pouring and they can't come up until it stops or there is daylight. There's too much of a chance they'll start a mud slide.  You know that, and they know that. You have some time to figure it out...and you always do."


"Always," he stood up and huffed. "What if this time I can't? What if I've run out of ideas?"


"Then Kid will come and rescue you," she stated matter of factly.


"Kid doesn't even know where we are."


"He will.  You always find each other, that's what you do."




She stepped closer to him and placed her hand on his mouth.  

"But, nothing.  It will work out."  


He took her hand in his, "What about you?"


She raised an eyebrow.


"Yeah, you.  If they capture me, what are they gonna do to you?"


She started to shrug.


"These guys don't mess around.  They got me.  If they think they can find out where Kid is, they'll use you."  He reached up and stroked the side of her face.


"You won't let them."


"What if..."


"No what ifs," she stated defiantly.  "You will come up with a plan.  I have all the faith in the world in you."




"You just need to let it come to you.  If I wasn't here, you'd probably already have thought of a way out.  I'm a distraction, a problem."


He stroked the other side of her face, "A problem...no.  A distraction..." he lifted her chin and leaned in softly, kissing her lips.  "Yes, most definitely, a distraction."


She cooed.  "Hmmm, I like being a distraction."  She leaned into him, letting her hardening nipples press against his chest.  "Maybe a distraction is just what you need," she kissed his neck.


A sound almost like a purr came from deep inside Heyes' throat.  "The..." his brain started to swim as he breathed in her scent.  


She kissed the hollow of his neck as she ran her hands up his chest.


His breath got caught in his throat.  


Standing on her tiptoes, she lightly kissed his lips as she gazed into his eyes.  


A growl escaped from his mouth, "You are trouble."


Her fingers ran over her chest, "I like being trouble." She bit her bottom lip.


He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight against him as he captured her mouth with his.


Her knees got weak.


After a few minutes, Heyes released her lips, allowing them both to come up for air.  "It's chilly in here."  He searched her face for acceptance.  


"You'll keep me warm," she exhaled.


He leaned in and kissed her nose.  


Laurie brushed an errant hair off his face and then let her fingertips linger as they glided down the side of his face to his shoulder.


He shuddered at her touch and then pulled her close again, passionately kissing her. His hand reached up, fondling her breast through her clothes.  


She moaned in his mouth.  


Releasing her lips, he moved to her neck as he moved her slowly back against the wall.  When her back hit the wall, she looked in his eyes and smiled.  Reaching out she began to unbuckle his gun belt as he untied the thong.  Finishing in unison, Heyes hung the belt on the hook next to them.  


Smiling, her hands moved to the top button on his shirt.


He placed his hands on hers.  "Probably should leave it on."


Laurie pouted, "You're no fun."


He raised his eyebrow.


"How can I touch your chest, kiss you?"  Her eyes got devilish as she gazed into his, "Make you squirm with delight?"


Another growl escaped from deep within Heyes' throat.  "You always make me squirm."  He leaned into her.


She felt his hard shaft press up against her.


"I just thought without a fire and the fact that the posse isn't that far away, it might be better..." he began.


"Spoilsport," she teased as she lifted her lips to kiss his chin.  "I guess you're right." She waited a beat as her eyes stayed on his.  "Maybe we should..."


He put his hand around her hips, pressing himself against her.  "I don't think so," he smiled before he captured her lips again with his.   


A purr became a moan of desire as his tongue began its assault. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself.


Heyes released her lips and leaned his arm against the wall as he struggled to regulate his breathing.


Laurie let her hands slide down his side, carefully caressing him as they moved to the top button of his pants.  As she slowly began to undo them, his breath once again became ragged and uneven.  With each button, Heyes struggled to stay standing.  As she finished, she put her hand inside the sides of the pants and slowly slid them down to the floor.


Heyes leaned on the wall, fearing his knees would give out as his desire for her escalated.  As his pants hit the floor, he reached down and pulled Laurie back up.  Locking his eyes on hers, he slowly untied the top of her blouse, loosening it, and letting it fall open.  Leaning in, he kissed her neck, then worked his way down to her breast, sucking in her nipple.


Laurie's breath got caught in her throat as she grabbed Heyes to steady herself.  Feeling the sensation of his warm mouth on her, her head tilted back and she arched into him.  


Releasing her nipple, Heyes stood up.  "You like that?"


"Mmmm, hmmm," she purred.


"Good," reaching up, he fondled her breast with his hand.  His other hand reached down and started to gather the bottom of the skirt.  "Glad you're wearing a day dress and nothing fancy."


She looked wide eyed at him.


"Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful in anything."  He smiled seductively at her.  "Too much material right now though, would be a problem."  He gathered the hem and pulled it up.  Then placing his hands under the skirt he opened her bloomers as she gasped. They dropped to the floor.  


Laurie stepped out of them.  


Heyes placed his hands firmly on Laurie's hips and lifted her off the floor.  She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he slowly lowered her down onto his throbbing shaft.  As he entered her, she arched her back, throwing her head backwards in pleasure.


With the help of the wall to steady them, the two began to move in rhythm.  First slowly and then with the need building, faster.


Heyes leaned in, slowly running his tongue over Laurie's nipple, before flicking it and sucking it in.


"Oooooooo," she exclaimed as her head began to swim with desire.  


He could feel her tightening around his member.  Lifting his head, brown eyes locked on hazel eyes as he drove into her, pushing her closer and closer to the brink.  She tilted her head down and he captured her lips, releasing them moments later as the two struggled with breathing.


She tightened her legs around him and pulled herself closer with her arms.  Her mouth next to his ear, she nipped at it.


He gasped in delight.  


She giggled, pleased at something to drive him crazy. Her tongue traced the outline of his ear before she lightly scraped her teeth on his neck.


A low guttural growl emerged from Heyes' throat as he slammed into her.


"Ah," Laurie squealed as she held tight.


Feeling her insides begin to pulsate around him, he knew she was near the end.  Pressing her back against the wall he quickened his assault.  As Laurie tightened around his throbbing member, he thrust into her, bringing an earth shattering outcome as she screamed out in ecstasy.   With one last push, Heyes' knees buckled as he yelled out; climaxing, he slumped against the wall.


The pair held on to each other trying desperately to regain some sort of equilibrium, steady breathing and a regular heart beat.  


"You alright?" Heyes breathed.


"Ah-huh," she squeaked.  "Don't think I can move." Her breaths were heavy as her heart continued to race.


"Me either."  He concentrated on not dropping her, as he leaned his head against the wall.


She giggled.


"Hey," he shifted.  


"Sorry," she giggled more.


"That's not fair," he warned as her insides pulsated around him.  He tried to look sternly at her.


Laurie tried to look contrite.


"Don't go biting your lip," he warned.  Beginning to get some feeling back in his legs, he shifted as he pulled himself out.  "Think you can stand?"


She scrunched her nose, "If I have to." She pursed her lips.


"Well as much as I would like to stay like this," he paused.  "Actually, I think if I stay like this much longer I'm gonna drop you."


"In that case," she lowered her legs to the ground as she released her arms from around his neck.


Heyes reached down and pulled up his pants. Taking her hands in his, he lifted them above her head as he captured her lips, kissing her passionately.  Coming up for air, he stepped back. Letting go of her hands, they fell to her sides as she gazed up at him.


Heyes growled and then picked up Laurie's petticoat.  "Here."


She blushed as she took them.


"Knowing you aren't wearing them is a big distraction."


"I thought you liked distractions."


"Oh, I do," he leaned into her.  "If only the posse wasn't down the hill."  He ran his thumb over his lips.


"Mmmmm," she purred.  "Yeah...but...would that have been...as...intense?"  


He arched his eyebrow.


"You have to admit it, Hannibal Heyes, that was pretty....mmmm."


"Yes it was."  He chuckled as he began to button his pants.  


She reached out to help him.


He playfully swatted her hands away, "Ah-ah."


She pouted.


He lifted her chin with his fingers and gently kissed her nose.  "You want to get caught by the posse?"


"No," she stuck her lip out.


"Then, it’s best if you keep your hands to yourself ‘cause I won't be able to move if we do that again."  He smiled at her.


"Okay," she sort of smiled as she slipped on her petticoat.  "Guess it’s back to thinking."  She closed her blouse and tied it.  


He nodded.  Turning he walked over to the window and stared out into the darkness.  "You mind getting wet?"


Laurie stepped up behind him, reaching around him she snuggled tightly.  "I thought we weren't doing that."    


He could feel her smile on his back.  Slowly, he turned around to face her.  "You are trouble."


She shrugged.


"I meant wet from the rain."


"Oh," she mouthed.  "I guess if I have to, what's the plan?"


A train whistle could be heard in the distance.


"Train's getting closer."


She tilted her head.


"It's coming this way.  The last whistle was further out.  We passed a water tower down the mountain a ways back."  He paused as she waited for him to continue.  "The posse isn't going to expect us to be out in this rain, not when we have shelter.  If we go down the mountain to the west, I think the posse will be too busy watching the cabin to notice us. We can jump the train when it stops for water."


"The horses..." she began.


"We have to leave the horses here," he interrupted.  "They'll never expect us to leave on foot."


"You think we can make it?"


"I think it's our only shot."


"Well then, Hannibal Heyes, I think we better get moving."


He pulled her close.


"We get on that train," she paused, "our clothes will be soaked."


"We should take them off to dry."  


"You know best."


He smiled, smoldering eyes looked her over.   "There will be plenty of time for distractions..."


She smiled seductively back at him.  "Guess we better get moving."