Another Quilting Bee

by Storm Richards



"Thank you, Matt," Sarah smiled as the last box of supplies was loaded into the wagon.


"Anytime," Matt replied. "Tell Laurie, Joshua and Thaddeus I said hi." He shook his head; "Eight months and I still can't get used to calling them by their real names."


"I know what you mean," Sarah laughed. "We share the same house and I still call Heyes, Joshua." She shrugged, "I don't think it really matters to them. It's just nice that we can call them by their given names." She gave a quick wave and was about to start off towards home when Mrs. Quimby stepped out of the dress store.


"Sarah, nice to see you," Mrs. Quimby called out. "How is everyone doing?"


"Everyone is good, just busy."


"Twins will do that to you," Mrs. Quimby laughed.


"They are a handful for Laurie, but they are sleeping through the night so it's a help. Jed and Heyes are busy working on the plans for the saloon with Walter, so I figured I could get the supplies."


"Well, tonight is the quilting bee, if you think you can get away, it would be lovely for you to join us."


Sally was crossing the boardwalk when she heard the exchange and stopped. "Yes Sarah, you and Thaddeus...Kid...Jed," she shook her head. "Anyway you've been married six months now and you haven't come to one of our get togethers."


"I don't know, I've been helping Laurie and I don't want to leave Jed alone."


"Alone?" Sally chuckled loudly. "He has Joshua, he won't be alone. Oh and if you can persuade Laurie to come, he'll have Joshua and the twins. Maybe give him some practice in being a father."


Sarah blushed, "Sally."


Mrs. Quimby laughed lightly, "Oh to be a newlywed." She turned to go back in the store, "I do hope to see you tonight dear."


Sally smiled at Sarah, "You really should come tonight." She continued down the boardwalk, " And bring Laurie," she called out over her shoulder.






Sarah pulled the wagon up alongside the front porch of the house. As they were unloading the supplies, Kid asked, "Anything new in town?"


"No. Matt said to say hi," she smiled at her husband and turned to go into the house with him following. "Oh and Mrs. Quimby invited me to the quilting bee tonight."


Kid shrugged then wrapped his arms around her, "Doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. Sitting around with the old ladies of Small Falls quilting."


Heyes' ears perked up. "Did I hear someone say quilting?" He inquired as he brought a sack of flour into the kitchen.


"Yeah, Mrs. Quimby invited Sarah to tonight's quilting bee," Kid replied as he gazed into Sarah's eyes.


"Mrs. Quimby," Heyes repeated. "Ah."


"Oh and Sally said I should see if Laurie was up to it," Sarah added.


"Sally," Heyes squeaked.


"What about Sally?" Laurie asked as she entered the kitchen from the back staircase.


"She invited you," Heyes coughed to bring the octave of his voice down.  "She invited you and Sarah to a quilting bee tonight."


"Well actually, Mrs. Quimby invited me and then Sally added you should come," Sarah stated as she gave Kid a peck on his cheek and then moved to put things away.


Heyes walked over to Laurie, wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close. "I think it would be a good idea if you went."


Raising her eyebrow, Laurie smiled.


"You have been stuck out here for months now, you should get out."


"I haven't been stuck…" Laurie began before being interrupted.


"I know," Heyes kissed her nose. "I didn't mean it that way. Just you have been attached to the house for a long time." He kissed her nose again. "I think it will do you good to get out and have some time for you."


"For me?" Laurie scrunched her face.


"Yes," Heyes pulled her closer, "for you."


"The twins?"


"I'll take care of them."


Laurie looked skeptically at him.


"They're sleeping longer. You can feed them before you go. I'll pick you up before it’s time for them to be fed again."


Laurie wavered.


"Kid and I can go in town with you and then go see Walter. We have things to go over with him anyway. If I need help, I'll be right down the street so I can come and get you.”


Laurie scrunched her face at Heyes, "And how long after I arrive at the quilting bee and say that you and Kid have the twins at the hotel before Doris comes and kicks you out?"


A small smile started to spread across Heyes' face. "Long enough for us to get the work done with Walter."


"Mmm-hmmm," Laurie smirked. "And since I'm sure she'll kick you out, you'll just have to go to the saloon for a whiskey and maybe some poker." Heyes opened his mouth to reply but Laurie kissed him. "I love you, Hannibal Heyes."


"So that's a yes?"


"That's a yes," Laurie squirmed a little and added, "I'll try."






"It is getting late, Mr. Quimby will be expecting me," Mrs. Quimby stated as she headed to the door. "It was so nice to have you join us Sarah," she smiled and patted her hand. "It's good to have you back Laurie," she squeezed her arm as she left.


Millicent waited a beat after the door closed, "I'm so glad she finally left." Turning towards Laurie she stated, "With you and Sarah here, I thought that all we would be doing tonight would be quilting."


"Isn't that what we're here for?" Sarah asked innocently.


Millicent giggled, "No, silly. That's only for when certain people are here."


"I don't understand," Sarah looked and sounded completely confused.


"Laurie, haven't you told her anything?" Millicent huffed.


"I've been a little busy," Laurie stared her down.


"No need to be snide," Sally glared at Millicent. "Sarah's here; now we can talk openly."


"Openly?" Sarah skittishly asked.


Laurie turned to Sarah, "Sarah," she took her hands in hers. "You see, when the," Laurie paused to figure out the right words to use. "When the older women leave, the rest of us sit around and have girl talk."


"Girl talk?" Sarah bit her bottom lip not sure she knew what Laurie was talking about.


"Girl talk," Millicent jumped in as she became impatient. "You know, talk about our husbands. What we do with them. What they do with us," she giggled. "You know, how often, how good, positions..."


"The best way to start things with your husband," Charlotte interjected.


"Excuse me?" Sarah blushed.


"Sex," Millicent blurted out.  


Shocked, Sarah covered her mouth and looked at Laurie.


Laurie smiled and nodded.  "It's alright Sarah, we're all married or well you know," she smiled at Sally.


"And we don't talk about this outside of this room," Charlotte stated.


Laurie looked at the floor.


"If anything ever comes up with how we know this stuff, we just tell our husbands so and so found the book ‘Madame Bovary' when we were younger and we read it."


“‘Madame Bovary’?" Sarah asked having no idea who this person was or what the book was about.


"Yes ‘Madame Bovary’," Sally responded. "She was way before her time."


The girls in the room nodded.


"So how is Kid for a lover?" Millicent asked eager to hear the answer. "Is he as good as Heyes?" Millicent gave Laurie a slight glare, still miffed that she had been upstaged the last time Laurie was at the quilting bee. Laurie insisted that Heyes was the best and always made sure to pleasure her. Millicent wasn't buying it since that was the first time Laurie really said anything about how good Heyes was; she figured Laurie was just making it up. Deep inside, Millicent knew Laurie was being truthful and she was envious of her.


"Millicent," Sally scolded. "Don't jump down Sarah's throat and leave Laurie alone. Just cause you're jealous, doesn't mean you have to be nasty." Millicent opened her mouth to respond but Sally continued. "Sarah, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. Whatever you are comfortable with."


"Jed is a wonderful lover," Sarah said meekly.


"He certainly looks like he would be," Charlotte jumped in. "Those broad shoulders, the look in his eyes." She sighed, "Oh my, he must be wonderful and inventive too. He is an ex-outlaw. I bet you try different positions all the time. I bet you want to jump him all the time."


Sarah looked confused.


"You know, start things with him."


"Jed is always a gentleman with me. He is very loving and gentle. Kind." Sarah looked around the group, as the eyes wanting more information stared back at her. "He is very considerate and asks if its it's okay first, makes sure he doesn't hurt me."


"Oooo, doesn't hurt you, that sounds intriguing," Charlotte smiled and leaned in for more.


"Jed never hurts me," Sarah replied sounding horrified.


"Honey," Sally walked over to her and sat down next to her. "I know Kid would never hurt you but sometimes pleasure is just this side of hurt."


The girls in the room agreed as they nodded their heads.


"Does he always start things?"


Sarah nodded her head lightly.


"Do you try different things?"


Sarah shook her head. "Oh, no. Jed is always very considerate. He lets me know before he comes up to bed that he wants to, you know..." The girls nodded their heads. "I get ready, get under the covers and wait for him. He comes in and turns off the lantern before he gets undressed. Then he gets in bed and asks if it's okay."


"He asks if it's okay?" Sally deadpanned.


Sarah eagerly nodded.


"You mean to tell me you have never been the one to start things?" Sally was shocked.


Sarah bashfully shook her head.


"You've never told Kid what you wanted, what you liked?"


Sarah's eyes grew large.


"You never helped Kid get out of his clothes?"


Sarah sucked her lips in rapidly shaking her head.


"Never tried any different positions?"


"There are different positions?" Sarah squeaked out.  


"Oh honey," Sally exalted, "Listen up, you have a lot to learn."


Almost frightened, Sarah's eyes pleaded with Laurie.


Laurie smiled to reassure her.


"Oh you poor thing, what you have been missing with such a magnificent man," Sherry, one of Sally's girls at the saloon, sighed.


Sarah turned to look at Laurie again.


Laurie shrugged and then nodded.


"You and Heyes?" she asked meekly.


"On my, YES Laurie and Heyes. We are all envious of Laurie and Heyes. What Heyes does to Laurie," Sally fanned herself with her hand. "If we could all be so lucky."


Laurie smiled in agreement.


"The things that man does with his mouth," Sally said wistfully.


"Mouth?" Sarah perked up. "Jed kisses me."


"He kisses you?" Sally repeated. "On the mouth?"


 Sarah nodded.


"Anywhere else?"


Sarah's eyes bulged.


"I take that as a no," Sally chuckled.


"You poor dear," Millicent shook her head. "Now my Chester, he does wonderful things with his mouth, to my body." She giggled.


Sarah's mouth dropped open.


"The way he kisses my neck, nibbles on my ear..."


"Yeah, yeah Millicent, we've heard it before. Chester is so wonderful," Sherry sarcastically stated. "Now what Heyes does to Laurie, that's what a mouth is for."


Laurie blushed; now wishing she hadn't gone into so much detail when Millicent had gotten under her skin.


"It's an art to arouse a woman by using your mouth." She looked at Sarah, "On your lips, neck, ears, breasts...your entire body." She shivered at the thought. "It's a masterpiece when he uses his mouth and tongue to bring you to a place you have never been before."


The girls in the room squirmed at the thought.


"Kid has never used his mouth to give you an orgasm?"


Sarah gasped!


"Honey, that's the sound you're supposed to make when he goes there!" Sherry moaned lightly. "You'll never want him to leave and you'll be screaming for the heavens."


"Screaming! I could never scream. Oh, my," Sarah covered her mouth. "Most of you are married and have children, how can you make noise?"


"Pillows," Laurie stated.


Shocked, Sarah turned to look at Laurie.


"You think it was easy living right next door to Kid in the hotel?  It wasn't. It was very hard to get in the mood and relax. Then I figured pillows muffle sounds."


The rest of the girls nodded.


"Pillows," Sarah mouthed.


Laurie nodded.


For the next hour, Sarah sat wide-eyed and listened to what all the girls had to say. Laurie interjected a little but mostly kept quiet as the others explained the wonders of different positions, how to start things and how to make sure she was pleasured to the fullest. Finally feeling Sarah had had enough for the first time, Laurie stood up. "Well, it has been wonderful to come back to the group, but I really must leave now." She looked down at Sarah. "Are you ready to go? I have to get back to the hotel before the twins wake."


Sarah looked up at her like a lost child and nodded.


"It was good to have you back," Sally hugged Laurie. Taking Sarah's hands she smiled, "I know it's a lot to take in at once. I understand. We're just trying to tell you of the wonders you can experience while satisfying Kid as well as yourself."


Sarah smiled tightly back at her.






Laurie and Sarah walked arm and arm back towards the hotel. As they got out of earshot, Sarah quietly asked, "I thought Heyes was supposed to pick us up?"


"He was but I thought you had had enough," Laurie stated.


Sarah gulped. "Is that what you talk about all the time?"


"When everyone else has left, yes."


They walked a few more steps. "You told them about you and Heyes?"


Laurie stopped and looked at Sarah. "I usually don't say much. The last time I was at the quilting bee Millicent really got under my skin and I blurted out how wonderful Heyes was. When she didn't believe me I went into details." Laurie rolled her eyes. "She left with her tail between her legs."


Sarah giggled. "Does Heyes know? You looked away when they said we don't talk about it."


"You have to promise not to say tell anyone he knows!"


 Sarah nodded.


 "I accidentally told him about it afterwards. But boy was it worth it." Laurie blew out her breath, "What a night."


"So you'll start things with Heyes?"


Laurie nodded.


"He doesn't mind?"


Laurie shook her head, "No, I think he gets more turned on when I do start things." They walked a few more steps. "Sarah if you are satisfied with your love life, you don't have to change it. You also only should do what you are comfortable with. Kid loves you."


Heyes and Kid stepped out of the saloon just as the girls were passing by, ending their conversation.






Heyes and Kid dropped Laurie, Sarah and the twins at the side door. "I'll help Heyes with the horses and I'll be right up," Kid informed Sarah.


Sarah helped get the twins upstairs and into bed. "Do you really think Jed would like me to start things sometimes?"


Laurie placed her hands on Sarah's, "I would bet my life he wouldn't mind." Laurie paused, "Only do things that you are comfortable with. Take it slow; I'm sure Kid will respond favorably."


Sarah turned down the hall and headed to their room. She closed the door behind her; as she began to undress she stopped and thought about the evening. Thought about what the girls had said, how it was fun, sensual, arousing to undress each other. Sarah closed her eyes and thought about Kid, his blue eyes, his broad shoulders, his muscular body. She shivered with desire as she thought of him touching her, of her touching him.


Kid opened the door and stepped in. "I thought you would be in bed by now," he said sounding disappointed. He thought he had let her know how much he had missed her tonight and she would be waiting for him.


"I'm sorry," Sarah stepped close to him; he wrapped his arms around her. "I just got distracted."


Kid looked down and smiled at her.


She gazed into his blue eyes and sighed.


"Everythin’ okay?" he asked.


"Everything is perfect," she replied as her eyes dropped to the hollow of his neck. She stood on her tip toes, leaned in and gave Kid a soft kiss. Kid moaned lightly. She kissed his neck again, trailing kisses down to the ‘v’ in his shirt.  She placed her hands on his chest and moved them to the buttons. As she ever so lightly kissed his chest she undid the first button. A soft moan, almost a purr came from his throat. Pleased with herself, she continued to the next button.


Kid's breathing became uneasy; with one hand he lifted her chin to his face as his lips captured hers. Pulling her close to him with his other arm, the kiss was deep and passionate, a kiss Sarah had never felt before. Her body began to tingle with desire, as the kiss was lustfully long. She leaned into Kid pressing her body into his as her arms wrapped around his neck. Kid pressed his body to hers, feeling her erect nipples against his chest, a familiar, yet different fire burned from his groin. His hand slid around from Sarah's back and up the front of her dress as he caressed her breast.


Sarah moaned in his mouth as he feverishly explored her mouth with his tongue. Out of oxygen and weak in the knees he released her lips. Sarah leaned against Kid as she gasped for air, trying to stay standing.


Kissing Sarah's temple brought Kid back to the here and now. Shocked, he took a step back, "Sarah, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Did I hurt you?"


Bewildered by his reaction, tears formed in her eyes. "No. I'm sorry." She cast her eyes on the ground. "I didn't mean to do anything that would upset you."


He stepped closer to her, and lifted her chin with his finger. "You didn't do anything, it was me. I don't know what got into me. I'm sorry I got carried away."


Sarah studied Kid's face: the face, the eyes that were looking so lovingly at her. "Was it that bad?"


"No," he assured.


She hesitated as she blinked back the tears. "I thought by the sound of things, and everything that you liked what was happening."


"I did, but you're my wife. I don't want to hurt you."


Sarah smiled, "You could never hurt me." She paused and then added, "I just want to make you happy."


"You do make me happy."


"No I really want to make you happy."


Kid looked at Sarah and she blushed.


"I want you to want just me and never think of going to a saloon girl again."


"What?" Kid exclaimed. "I don't think of saloon girls."


"Maybe not now, but you will. Jed...Kid, I know you have experience and I don't but a woman is supposed to please her husband. So after what just happened now, I don't think I have been."


"Yes..." Kid started before being interrupted.


"No, I don't think so." Sarah decided to go for broke and leaned into him, once again kissing the hollow in his neck, he purred. "You have never made the sound you just made." She ran her hands across his chest and undid another button. Kissing his chest again she continued, "You never kissed me that way before." Another button undone, "You never held me so tight." Another button, "I could feel your desire as you pulled me close." Having undone all of the buttons Sarah reached around and un-tucked Kid's shirt. She ran her hands over his bare chest and then up to his shoulders, sliding the shirt down his arms. Kid's breathing began to become ragged as Sarah ran her hands over his nipples and he moaned. She slid her hands to his waist and began to undo his gun belt.


Kid placed his hand on hers, stopping her.  Gazing into her eyes he undid his gun belt, leaning over he placed it on the bedside table.


Returning the gaze, Sarah leaned in, and kissing his chest and then slowly moved her mouth over to his nipple. Ever so lightly she placed her lips on it and lightly sucked in as she kissed it. Kid moaned with pleasure. Lifting her chin, he once again captured her lips, ravaging them as he pulled her so close to him; they almost became one. His hands held her tight and then found the buttons on the back of her dress. Trying unsuccessfully to undo them while his tongue explored Sarah's mouth, he pulled back trying to catch his breath. One by one, he carefully unbuttoned the dress and then slid the top off her shoulders allowing the dress to fall to the floor.


Sarah stood in front of Kid with a thin camisole and petticoat covering her. Kid drank in her beauty. Her hands went to his pants and slowly began to unbutton them. Kid sucked a breath in as each tug of the button massaged his already hard rod. Finishing with the last button, Sarah hesitated and then stuck her hand in his pants freeing his growing manhood. Never having felt anything like it before, Sarah moaned with desire as she stroked Kid.


"Ooohh," he breathed out. He reached out and slipped his hands under the camisole, with his hands grazing her breasts; he brought it up over her head. It was Sarah's turn to purr as Kid's hand ran up her side and cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb. Sarah's head rolled back and she arched her back into Kid. Lifting her off the floor, he placed his mouth over her breast, ravenously sucking it as he moved them to the bed. He lay Sarah on the bed and quickly removed his boots and pants. Sarah looked up and admired his body. Kid lay next to her and once again attacked her lips.


Coming up for air he panted, "I love you."


"I love you too."


"I'm not hurting you?"


"No. Am I hurting you?"


Kid smiled, shaking his head as he gazed into her eyes. "Do you like this?' He leaned over and once again took her breast into her mouth, this time gently as he took his time to please his wife as he rolled her nipple with his tongue.


"Yes," she replied as she kept her eyes locked on his. Seeing the love, a devilish smile appeared on his face. He rolled over straddling her. He kissed her cleavage and then moved to the other breast, once again taking his time as Sarah began to squirm beneath him. With one last kiss, he lightly pulled her nipple as he released it, sending waves of pleasure and desire through her.


She reached down, placing her hand on his manhood. She could feel it pulsing lightly as she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it. Kid hummed at the touch. He leaned up, nibbled her neck and then slowly rained kisses down her body as he moved out of her grasp. "You keep doing that," he smiled, "and this will end a lot quicker than I want it to."


"You didn't like," Sarah began but was interrupted by Kid.


"Oh I like very much," he kissed her flat belly, "but I have other plans first." He kissed her stomach again and then slipped his hands into the sides of her petticoat; he swiftly removed them. Spreading her legs, he positioned himself between them. He gazed at his wife, how beautiful she was. At her loving eyes, watching his every move, as she trusted him and what he was doing. He ran his hand up her thigh. Sarah gasped and sucked in her breath. Kid chuckled lightly as his hand stopped on top of the patch of light brown curly hair. Sarah's eyes widened as she gasped for air as Kid leaned down and kissed her most sensitive spot. She panted as the sensation sent shivers through her entire body; Kid smiled, seeing her reaction. With his eyes locked on her, he lowered his tongue and flicked her, then inserted a finger into her. As he licked, flicked and sucked her most sensitive spot, Kid moved first one finger and then two in and out of her. First slowly, then as he felt the heat build and Sarah begin to move with him, faster on a quest to bring her to the brink and over the edge. Sarah squirmed as her body reacted to Kid's passionate assault as each and every nerve in her body caught fire. She was desperate for a release, and with one last push into her, she grabbed her pillow, buried her face in it and screamed as the heavens and earth opened up as wave after wave of unbridled pleasure raced through her body. Kid smiled as he lay down next to her pulling Sarah into his arms.


Kissing her temple he asked, "You okay?"


Sarah giggled and then moaned at the movement. "Oh my…Yes" she panted out as she snuggled against him.  





Heyes walked into his bedroom just as Laurie was pulling the door to the nursery mostly closed. Smiling, he walked up behind her; wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her close to him. Dipping his head he kissed her neck. "The twins asleep?"


"Mmm-hmm," she purred as she leaned her back into his muscular chest.


Heyes nibbled her ear, "You okay?"


"Better than okay, Mr. Heyes." She closed her eyes and melted into him.


"Did you have fun at the quilting bee?" He nipped at her neck, smelling the scent of lavender.


Laurie giggled.


He stopped and tilted his head so she could see him out of the corner of her eyes.


Still pressed against his chest she turned her head to look at him; she smiled.


Heyes gazed back, "What?"


"Is that what you really want to know?" Laurie locked her eyes on his.


With one swift movement, Heyes turned her so she was facing him. "Yes that's what I want to know," he breathed out, still holding the gaze.


"Not what we talked about?"




Laurie smirked. "Hmm," she studied his face. "I don't know about you, Hannibal Heyes."


"What? It's been a long time since you've ventured out on your own. I was just checking to make sure you had a good time."


"I was with Sarah and the other girls at the quilting bee."


Heyes leaned in kissing her nose. "I know, but I wasn't there and neither were the twins."


She ran her hands slowly up his back as she lightly pressed her body against his.  "I survived," Laurie reached up and kissed his chin. "By the looks of them, so did the twins." She kissed his chin again and then leaned her head on his chest. She was pleased, feeling Heyes begin to stir. She ran her hands up his back again.


Heyes kissed the top of her head. "I'll get some water for the basin so you can get ready for bed."


Loosening his hold Heyes started to take a step back.


Confused Laurie looked up. "Is something wrong?"




"Then why are you so eager to...," Laurie let the words trail off.


"Sweetheart," Heyes pulled her close to him again. "I thought you might be tired. I didn't want you to feel obligated."


"I never feel obligated," Laurie said softly as she deliberately leaned into Heyes, pressing herself against his manhood.


"You sure?"


"Positive," she nipped at his neck. "I'm not fragile, I won't break."


"I know, I just didn't," Heyes paused unsure what he didn't want. "It's just...," he stopped again.


"Han," Laurie reached up and slowly stroked the side of his face. "Heyes, the doctor said I'm fine. Everything is fine. We need to be fine too. If you keep treating me like a porcelain doll, that's not going to happen."


Heyes reached up, grabbing her hand with his and brought it to his lips. He softly kissed it. "Are you sure?"


"Yes," she smiled seductively at him. "I may not be up for a night like the last quilting bee, but I'm sure we can figure something out," she purred and then bit her bottom lip.


Heyes gave Laurie a devilish smile before he captured her lips for his own. Gently but with passion building, Heyes deepened the kiss as his tongue danced with Laurie's. A low guttural sound escaped his throat as his desire intensified. Laurie pressed her body into his as her hunger grew. Heyes finished the kiss, moving his lips to Laurie's cheek, her neck and finally to her shoulder. "I believe you are overdressed, Mrs. Heyes."


"Is that so," Laurie breathed. Playing with the top button of his shirt she said, "I was thinking the same thing about you." Unbuttoning the button, her fingers played with the chest hairs that were freed. With sultrier eyes she cooed, "Maybe we could help each other."


Heyes breathed Laurie in, he so desperately wanted to rip her clothes off and throw abandon to the wind but knew he couldn't, he was still afraid of hurting her…losing her. Restraining himself, he lightly kissed her shoulder and then nipped her neck. "Sounds like a plan."


As they locked their eyes on each other, Laurie slowly undid the buttons on Heyes' shirt as he slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. Sliding them off their shoulders, they landed on the floor. Next Heyes untied the waist of Laurie's skirt, letting it join the pile of her clothes as she stepped out of it, leaving her in her lace chemise. Heyes sucked his breath in as Laurie brushed his fully awake rod as she began to unbutton his pants. With each button, he thought he would explode as the fire in his groin grew. Laurie slipped her hands into the waistband and slid her hands down his legs, taking his pants with them. Standing up, she grazed Heyes' erect shaft through the outside of his long johns with her lips. Heyes placed his hands on her shoulders to steady himself as he moaned. Laurie leaned in and nipped at his bottom lips. Heyes opened his eyes and looked into her provocative eyes. Placing his hand on her face, he lightly kissed her. Pulling back, he saw the desire in her eyes and seized her lips.


Swooping down, he lifted her legs up and carried her to the bed, never breaking the kiss. Laurie wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss as fervently as it was given. Heyes let Laurie's legs drop to the floor, though her arms stayed locked around his neck as the kiss continued. Finally coming up for air, she released her grip and slowly let her hands slide down his arms.


Breathing deeply, Laurie placed her hands on Heyes' waist, and then slid them under his Henley as she lifted it up and over his head. Heyes untied the top of the chemise and then carefully lifted it off. Gazing at his wife as his manhood pulsed in anticipation, he cupped her face, kissing her softly as he moved her onto the bed. He quickly removed the bottoms of his long johns and lay facing her. His hand slowly slid up her side brushing her breast. Reaching up, she swept an errant hair off his face and then traced the outline. Heyes ran his hand down her side, once again passing it gently over her breast, ending up on her thigh.


"I love you," he sighed.


"I love you too," she replied as she gazed into the beautiful brown eyes gazing at her.


Heyes nipped at her lips, neck and shoulder as he ran his hand over her thigh and then lifting it up, placed it on his leg. "I want to watch you."


Aching for him to be inside of her, Laurie reached down and wrapped her hand around his shaft. Biting her lip, she moaned as she placed it next to her. Heyes held her gaze as he thrust forward. Laurie threw her head back as she arched into him, "Ooohh," she breathed.


He let out a low guttural sound as he felt her envelop him. They rocked in perfect harmony, slowly at first and then as the need became greater, faster. Never taking their eyes off each other’s, Heyes pumped once more as he felt Laurie quake and pulsate around him as she thrashed her head about, as every nerve in her body erupted. He pushed to the hilt once again as he exploded into her. Laying there, wrapped in each other's arms, they both tried to control their breathing as he reached for the blanket to cover them.


Heyes shifted to his back, pulling Laurie close to him.


She lay cuddled up on her side in the crook of his arm with her head on his chest, his arm wrapped around her.  Their free hands clasped in front of them almost dancing in the air.


“See, I didn’t break,” she smiled and tilted her head so she could see his eyes.


“No you didn’t,” he smiled, kissed her hand, "I love you, Mrs. Heyes."


"I love you too, Mr. Heyes." 






Sarah lay with her head buried in Kid's chest, relishing the feeling of being in his arms. Slowly her mind began to clear from the unbelievable sensation she just experienced. She nuzzled her nose into his chest, lightly kissing him.


"You alive?" Kid smiled.


"Mmm-hmm," she replied as she squirmed next to him. Ever so lightly she ran her fingers up his chest, awakening his animalism as she could feel his manhood twitch. With her finger skimming the outside, Sarah traced the outline of his nipple. She watched with increased pleasure as it became erect and then made the same path with her tongue before sucking it gently into her mouth.


"Oooooohhhh," Kid shuddered.


"You like that," she teased as her other hand ran around the other nipple.


"Uh-huh," Kid panted. 


He rolled onto his back as Sarah did a once over of his body with her eyes. What a sight! She sighed as her eyes traveled down his muscular body, stopping on his shaft that was standing at attention. Thoughts of what the girls had said earlier played in her mind. Timidly she placed her hand on it, "mmm;" she was surprised at the sensation it gave her. Softly she began to stroke it with one hand as she continued to lick and suck his nipple. As she watched her hand, she could see and hear Kid's breath become ragged. Curious, she sat up and moved all of her attention to the hard but definitely alive appendage she held in her hand. As her one hand stroked it, the other hand's finger ran a circle around the top, stopping at the indentation.


"Oh, oh," Kid huffed.


Sarah giggled, pleased with herself over Kid's reaction. Turning to look him in the eye she seductively asked, "Do you like that?"


"Yes," Kid breathed


Leaning down she took her tongue and ran it across and around the top. "And that?"


"Mmm," he squeaked.


Sarah giggled again, more shocked than anything that she was actually trying some of the things she had heard earlier in the evening. "How about this?" she placed her mouth over the tip and sucked it in. Bringing it into her mouth she swirled her tongue around it. Such a different sensation, she could never imagine the pleasure it brought her, as she was becoming increasingly wet with anticipation.


"Ahhhhh," Kid blurted out.


No longer able to thwart her own lust, she lifted her mouth off of him and wondered how to satisfy her own growing needs. Seeing the yearning in her eyes, he announced, "I want you," and then helped lift her one leg over him so she was straddling him. With one hand on her hip, he guided her as she slowly lowered herself onto him.


"Oooooo," she exhaled as she took him fully inside her. 


With his hand still on her hip, he helped her with the rhythm. His other hand reached up and began massaging her breast. Sarah rocked back, forth and then began to swivel her hips sending Kid to the edge. Rocking as one, the pace increased as the two drove to the brink. As the pace became electric, Sarah arched her back as wave after wave of ecstasy ravaged her body. Seeing Kid's face contort, she quickly grabbed a pillow placing it on his face just as he slammed into her one last time; screaming at the top of his lungs as he climaxed.


 As Kid still quivered, Sarah removed the pillow and slumped down on him. He wrapped his arms around her as they gasped for air. Not able to move, they lay there for a few minutes. Once he had some feeling back in his arms, he lifted her up and repositioned her on him so her head rested on his chest. Running his hands up and down her back he coughed out, "How?"


Sarah looked up at him and blushed. Not allowed to tell him anything about the quilting bee, she had rehearsed what she was going to say to Jed if he asked. "There was this book." Kid raised his eyebrow. "When I was a younger, Charlotte found this book, ‘Madame Bovary’," her cheeks became red remembering the name of the book. "We used to read it. I'm sorry, I thought you might like it."


Kid chuckled. "No, no, don't be sorry. I liked it, I really liked it." Kid paused, "Do you remember more of the book?"


"I might." Sarah smiled. "So it was good?"


"I think you can say that. Did you?"


She nodded and blushed.   "No more in the dark and I don't want to hurt you?"


"No more."  He ran his hand up her back. 


"Good." Sarah lay her head on Kid's chest.


"The pillow?"


"Oh, I overhead someone talking saying that's what you do not to wake up the kids. I figured so Laurie and Heyes wouldn't hear."


"Oh," Kid chuckled.


The two stayed curled up together as they fell asleep.






Heyes, Laurie and the twins were in the kitchen when Sarah rushed in.


“Good Morning,” Laurie looked up from feeding the twins.


“Morning,” Heyes turned from pouring a cup of coffee.


“I’m sorry I slept so late,” Sarah apologized.


“You’re entitled…” Laurie began.


“But I should be helping you with the twins,” she stated.


“No worries,” Heyes said as he turned and handed her a cup of coffee.  “I helped, well, I tried.”  He smiled at Laurie.


“You did wonderful,” Laurie smiled and then turned towards her friend.  “Did you sleep well?”


Sarah blushed as her eyes got wide. “Yes, very well,” she smiled at her friend.  “You?”


Laurie sucked in her breath, trying not to giggle.  “Yes, thank you.”


Heyes caught the interaction between the girls and pursed his lips as he looked at the floor. 


“Mornin’,”  Kid walked in grinning ear to ear.


Heyes looked up at his partner but quickly turned towards the stove to cover the knowing smile that spread across his face  as he poured Kid a cup of coffee. Taking a breath in he relaxed and turned, handing him the cup.  “Sleep well?”


“Yeah, I did!”  Kid exclaimed, oblivious to the smirks and eye rolling from Heyes and Laurie. 


Sarah looked at Laurie and blushed.


She placed her hand on her friend’s and patted it as she raised her eyebrow. 


“Well,” Heyes no longer could contain the smile as he pushed himself off the stove.  “Time to get to work.”  He placed his cup down on the counter and kissed Laurie’s head.  “Be in the corral if you need anything.”  He nodded at Sarah.


Kid looked perplexed, “Before breakfast?” 


Heyes chuckled.


“I’ll call you when it’s done, Jed,”  Sarah stated.


Kid nodded and headed out the door right behind Heyes. Catching up to Heyes, he asked, “You ever read a book Madame Bovine or somethin’ like that?”


Heyes’ eyes widen as he avoided looking at his partner, amused at the wrong name and feigning innocence, “Can’t say I have…have you?”