Heyes was awake well before four. Actually he hadn't slept much that night. He never really slept the night before a job, always going through the details over and over again making sure he didn't forget anything. Hoping that if he did, Kid was there to remember it for him. This night was different because there were no details to go through. No actual plan to run over and over. Just the fact that they had to straighten things out or get out of the country quick! If this went bad, there would be no amnesty. There would be no rest from being hunted. If things went bad, it wouldn't just be twenty years they would be blamed for at least one murder and probably four. Heyes lay staring at the ceiling finally at three thirty he got up and got ready. Laurie watched as Heyes strapped his gun down and lightly tapped the door between their room and Kid's. Kid opened the door ready to go.


Heyes smiled.


"Didn't think you would get much sleep," Kid said quietly not realizing Laurie was awake.

"Been thinking," Heyes said as he grabbed his coat and hat, "Think we should go visit the bank manager. Find out exactly where the cabin is and what he knows."


Kid nodded in agreement.

"Aren't you worried he'll cause problems when you leave?" Laurie asked.

Heyes and Kid turned around to look her, still covered up in bed. "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you," Heyes said quietly as he walked around to her side of the bed.

"Didn't wake me," she said and smiled at him. "Did you really think I could sleep last night knowing what the two of you are going to do this morning?" Turning to Kid, "Morning Kid."

"Mornin’ Laurie," he smiled back at her.

Heyes sat on the side of the bed and looked at her, "He'll keep quiet if he wants his wife back."

"If he doesn't," she said.

Heyes sat for a minute and thought, "He wouldn't have cooperated if he didn't want her back."

"Probably would have left town after the first attempt," Kid said as he walked into the room.

"You're right, just had to ask," she said. "Hope that's okay?"

"You keep asking the questions, makes us keep thinking," Heyes said. Turning to Kid, "Ready?"


Kid nodded.


Turning back to Laurie Heyes held her hand, "Time to go. You'll tell Lom we left and what we're up to. Tell him he should follow the creek, okay."


Laurie smiled and nodded.


"We'll be back soon." Heyes leaned over and kissed her lightly. He stood up to leave.

Kid walked over to the side of the bed, "I'll bring him back," he leaned over and kissed Laurie's cheek.

"Stay safe, both of you. I'll tell Lom and I'll be waiting for you," Laurie said.






The ex-outlaws got on their horses and Heyes led the way through town.


"How do you know where the bank manager lives?" Kid asked.


Heyes just smiled at him.


"So where does the Sheriff live?"

"Down the road to your left, second house on the right."

Kid chuckled softly "Old habits die hard."


Heyes smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

They rode silently to the end of town. Coming in from behind the bank manager's house they sat and watched the house quietly. After about fifteen minutes they decided all was quiet and it was time to pay him a visit. Heyes used his tools, opened a downstairs window and climbed in, followed by Kid. Heyes walked to the door to the hallway, checking it for noise as Kid waited by the door to check the hallway.


Both knew their job as they had been doing it in some form since they were kids. Heyes would get them in and Kid would make sure all was safe and secure. After oiling the door, Heyes cracked it open and Kid peered into the hallway. Taking the first step into the hall Kid made sure it was secure then opened the door for his partner. Having put his tools away, Heyes entered the hall with gun in hand. Kid led the way as they made their way upstairs to the bank manager's bedroom.


Creeping into the bedroom, Kid carefully removed the shotgun lying on the bed as Heyes covered the man's mouth. Startled his eyes popped open as he reached for the shotgun. Kid placed his hand on the man's arm and moved his gun next to his head.


"Noooooo," Heyes said quietly but with authority.


The man's eyes darted between the pair, as he lay there frozen in fear.


"Now," Heyes said quietly but once again in the leader of the Devil's Hole Gang voice so you knew he meant business.  "I want to talk to you. I can't do that if I have my hand over your mouth. If you promise not to yell or scream I will remove it. Do you promise?"


The bank manager nodded.


"Good," Heyes said as he removed his hand. "Now if you promise not to try anything, I'll have my friend here put his gun away. Do you promise not to try anything?"


The bank manager nodded.


Heyes looked at Kid and Kid put the gun away. "Good," Heyes said. "Now we can talk. We are here to help you not hurt you," he paused realizing he didn't know the man's name, "Mr.?"

"Mr. Gray," the bank manager replied. "Henry Gray. You're the two deputies, Smith and Jones aren't you."

"Yes we are Henry," Heyes continued, "My friend and I are here to help you get your wife back unharmed but we need some help from you."

"My wife is visiting her sister," terrified, Mr. Gray replied.

"Now Henry," Kid said very calmly, "When my partner says we're here to help you, we're here to help you. We can't help you if you lie to us."

"But…" the man started only to be interrupted by Heyes.

"Henry, we know your wife has been kidnapped and taken to your hunting cabin."

"She's visiting her sister," he cried out as sweat began to bead on his forehead. "She hasn't been kidnapped."

"Henry, we really can't help if you won't help us," Kid said.

The bank manager pushed himself up into a sitting position on the bed, looking between the two men that were staring at him. "I really can't help you."

Heyes looked at his watch, this was taking time and he wanted to get moving. Starting to loose his patients he said, "Henry, my friend and I are here to help you. We could have killed you when we first came in but didn't. We know what's going on. We know the gang that tried to rob the bank has kidnapped your wife. What we need to know is where exactly the cabin is and how many men are there?"

Henry began to shake, "Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry will kill my wife if...."

"Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry will not kill your wife," Heyes interrupted as he became increasingly frustrated.

"How do you know?" Henry squealed.

Heyes crept close to Henry's face, looking him directly in the eyes, he stated in a quiet but forceful voice, "Because I'm Hannibal Heyes and my friend here is Kid Curry. We don't rob banks any more and when we did we didn't kidnap bank manager's wives and we didn't kill people. Now," he paused slightly, "are you going to help us save your wife or not?"

Henry's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head, "But they said they were."

"They aren't," Heyes said his eyes becoming black as he became more and more frustrated.

"Henry," Kid said coolly, "You're wife will be killed before the gang ever leaves the cabin. Then they will come after you and George. If you don't want that to happen, I suggest you believe my partner and help us out. If you don't we will have to try on our own but we may not get there in time since we don't know exactly were the cabin is."

"If you're Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry why would you help?" Henry asked.

"Because," Heyes started forcefully then took a breath and continued quieter, "like I said, we don't rob banks anymore and when we did, we didn't kidnap or kill people."

Henry looked at both of them and for some reason decided to trust them. "What can I do?" he asked.

"You can tell us exactly how to get to the cabin without being seen," Kid said.

Henry went over the directions to get to the cabin the back way. "Anything else? “


“How many men?" Heyes asked.

"I've seen six men," he said.

Kid and Heyes looked at each other, "What's the leader look like?" Heyes asked.

"He has black hair, little shorter than you," the bank manager paused, "Mean, really mean."

"Kelly," Kid said to Heyes.

He nodded his head. "Okay Henry," Heyes said, "If you told us the truth we are going to go get your wife."

"What do I do?" he asked.

"Stay here until it's time to go to the bank," Heyes replied. "Go to work and keep your mouth shut. We know you can do that because you've been doing it already. If you want your wife safe, you will do what you normally do and keep everything else quiet. When your wife is back, you can tell everyone who really robbed the bank and shot Johnson."

Henry nodded, Kid and Heyes started towards the door of the bedroom, "Mr. Heyes, Mr. Curry," Henry called.


They turned around.


"Thank you and I will. I will tell everyone that it wasn't Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry."

"Keep quiet until your wife is back Henry," Kid said, "then just tell the truth."

Heyes and Kid left the house the way they came in. "We could have left through the door," Kid said.

"Needed to close the window," Heyes chuckled.

"Do you think Henry will say anything?" Kid asked.

"I think he wants his wife back," Heyes said. "I think he'll stay quiet until he gets her back."


Kid nodded and they headed towards the cabin.






The partners took the path the bank manager told them about. It would take a little longer but it would be highly unlikely any one in the cabin would spot them coming due to the thick woods they would have to ride through. The path brought them to the back of the cabin where they dismounted a safe distance away and carefully crept closer making sure to stay hidden in the trees.


They surveyed the area. To the right of the cabin, there was a large woodpile sitting next to a shed. The trees Heyes and Kid were hiding in were about fifty feet from the back of the cabin. The cabin itself was average size for a hunting cabin, probably built to accommodate four to six men. There were three windows in the back and one on each side. The only door was in the front with one window on each side of the door. There was a path and creek that went in front of the house. The path was easily seen by anyone in the cabin and would be the one taken by Lom and Tom. Heyes and Kid sat watching for any movement as the sun started to appear over the horizon.






At six fifteen there was a quiet knock on Laurie's door at the hotel. She got up from the chair where she was reading, walked over and opened the door. "Good morning Lom, Tom," Laurie said. Opening the door all the way as the men walked in.

"What time did they leave?" Lom asked.

"Around four," Laurie replied.

"Did you know they would leave without us?" Tom asked slightly annoyed.

"No," Lom said. "Just had a hunch. That's why we are early." He smiled, "Heyes was just earlier." Turning to Laurie he asked, "So what was the plan?"

"They were going to go see the bank manager," she started before getting interrupted.

"Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry were going to see the bank manager, WHY?" Tom asked.

"My guess would be to find out everything they could before they went to the cabin," Lom said.

"But they're Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry. He's the bank manager," Tom exclaimed.

"Well, with any luck they are still Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones," Lom stated as he eyed Tom. "In any case, I know Heyes doesn't like to walk into a situation without knowing everything he can."

"Then why would he leave us behind?" Tom asked.

"Because they're Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry. It's their necks on the line and we're the law. They also know how each other works, we just add one more thing for Heyes to worry about," Lom stated.

"Worry about?" Tom asked.

"Yeah. The two of them are like one. They both know what the other is doing without having to say anything. If we were there, Heyes would feel we were his responsibility because we were trying to help them out. It would take part of his attention off of what had to be done" Lom said. Turning to Laurie, "What's Heyes want us to do?"

"Follow the creek up to the cabin," Laurie said.

"Okay, let's go Tom," Lom said.

"You trust them that much?" he said. "You're just going to do what Heyes said without questioning it or knowing what's in store."

"Absolutely, I trust them with my life," Lom stated. "You should too."


"Because they let you into their group. It's a small loyal group and hard to get into. Once you're in though, those two would risk their lives to save yours. It's the way they are. I would trust them first and foremost," Lom explained.

Laurie smiled at him then reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you," she said quietly, "you know they feel the same about you."

Lom coughed at the compliment, "So are you coming Tom or am I going by myself?"

"I guess I'm coming," Tom said.

Laurie smiled at the two men, "Be careful."

The two men tipped their hats at Laurie as they left the room heading up to the cabin.





Sitting and looking around now that the day had started to break Kid asked, "Where do you think the horses are?"

"Don't know," Heyes replied. "They must have a hiding place. It has to be close. They wouldn't take a chance on being out here without a way to get away."

A noise from the direction of the cabin had both men draw their guns and crouch lower in the trees. Around from the front of the cabin walked Ox. He walked over to the shed where he appeared to put something inside, then closed the door and locked it again. He then walked past the back of the cabin into the dense woods not too far from where Heyes and Kid were hiding. Ox walked through the trees for a few minutes into a small clearing and stopped in front of a make shift corral holding the horses. He dumped some hay and turned back towards the cabin. Heyes motioned to Kid to get behind a big tree on the path Ox had taken. Heyes waited for Ox to return and stepped directly in front of him, startling the man. "Howdy Ox," he said pointing his gun at him.

"Heyes," Ox said shocked and made a motion towards his holster.

Cocking his gun and stepping out from behind the tree Kid instructed, "I'd stop right there Ox if I were you."

Ox slowly put his hands in the air, "I wasn't gonna do nothin' " he said, "I was just surprised."

"Yeah," Heyes said, a tight smile on his face, as he reached over and removed Ox's gun from his holster.

The man started to lower his hands, "I don't think so Ox," Kid said still pointing his gun at him, "I think I'd rather you kept your hands in the air."

He slowly put his hands back up. "What are ya two doin' here?" he asked looking at Heyes.

"We came to get the banker's wife back," Heyes said. "Since when did Jake start kidnapping people?"

"He didn't," Ox said.

"Excuse me," Kid said. "She's here isn't she?"

"Yeah she's here but he, I mean we didn't have nuthin' to do with it," Ox replied. "Kelly's gone nuts, he's the one that grabbed her."

"Where's Jake?" Heyes said in a very Hannibal Heyes tone.

"Kelly and two others ambushed Jake and beat the daylights out of ‘im," Ox replied. "He's inside beat up real bad and all tied up. He's in no shape to challenge Kelly." Ox paused, "Look you got my gun, my arms are getting' tired, can I lower ‘em."

"If you try anything I'll have to shoot you," Kid said.


Ox lowered his hands.

"So what happened?" Heyes asked.

"After you left," Ox said, "Kelly got nuts. He blamed Jake and Johnson for lettin' you get away."

"Never was too smart," Heyes said sarcastically.

"Well he wouldn't take no for an answer about robbin' the bank. He got the bank manager and security guy to take your place. The first guard didn't leave and everythin' went wrong. He killed Johnson because of it," Ox said. "He was just standin' there like you are and he just shot ‘im. Yelled somethin' like this is for Heyes or somethin' and just shot ‘im. We got out of town real quick but it wasn't good enough for ‘im. He wanted the jewels and he went to the bank manager's house. Was goin' to beat the guy to death when the bank manager said there were no jewels at the bank, ‘til he said there was a mining payroll coming in." Ox started to get antsy and look around.

"Keep goin’," Kid said.

"Gotta get back inside," Ox replied.

"Why?" Heyes asked curtly.

"Kelly," Ox said. "He's crazy. He thinks I'm with ‘im and I don't want to give ‘im no other idea. Anyone stays outside to long and he thinks they's against ‘im. I don't want to end up like Jake or worse Johnson."

"Are you with him?" Heyes asked.

"No. I'm with Jake and Joey" Ox responded.

"Where's Joey?" Kid asked.

"He's a mess. He's with Jake, takin' care of ‘im. Kelly took his gun away and most of the time one leg and one arm are tied to the bed Jake's on. Kelly says if he don't cooperate, he'll kill Jake," Ox answered.

"Where's everyone else stand?" Heyes asked.

"The rest of ‘em are followin' Kelly," Ox said. "They're just too scared not to."

"Kelly and five others," Heyes said. Ox nodded. "So where's the banker’s wife?"

"She's locked in the shed," Ox responded. "Look, I gotta get back inside or he's goin' t' come lookin' for me. I won't tell ‘im you're out here. I promise."

Heyes looked in the eyes, "Ox, I think I'm gonna believe you. Not sure why, but I guess knowing Kelly helps your story. I'm gonna let you go back, but one word to Kelly or anyone else and I'll have to set Kid loose." Heyes stopped and smiled. 


Ox's eyes drifted towards Kid as fear spread across his face. Kid tipped his hat with the gun barrel and smiled.


"No need to worry Ox, if you don't tell anyone, you have nothing to worry about." Heyes said placing his hand on Ox's shoulder "Now, if Kid and I could help you get away from Kelly, would you help us?"

"You would help me, Jake, and Joey?" Ox asked anxiously.


Heyes nodded.


"Sure," Ox said sounding grateful. "I don't want to hang for nuthin' I didn't do. I liked Johnson."

"Okay, go back inside," Heyes said handing him his gun back. "Stay alert and if you can, let Jake and Joey know to be alert." Heyes stepped aside and let Ox head back to the cabin.

"You think he'll say anythin’?" Kid asked.

"If you were just given the chance to get away from a crazy man and not be connected with a murder, what would you do Kid?"

"Okay, so what's our next move?"

"Getting the bank manager's wife is easy," Heyes said. "We just got to catch the other six and get them back to town."

"Well since you make it sound so easy, what are we doin’ the rest of the afternoon?" Kid said with a sarcastic smile.





Heyes sat and stared at the cabin for a moment. "Kid, I was thinking we should leave Mrs. Gray in the shed, but I think it's too close to the cabin. They could get to her to easy." Heyes paused, "I can pick the lock, but I'll be out in the open. Any of them come to the window and there goes any surprise we might have." Heyes paused still eyeing the cabin.

"If you come in from the left, you might be able to use the tree near the house to block you from any view of the window," Kid said.

"That's what I was thinking," Heyes stated. "I'll pick the lock and go into the shed. I don't know if they have her tied up in there. In any case, I might have to convince her to come with me. I'll tap lightly on the side to let you know we're coming out."

"I'll cover you from the right side of the shed. If I stand behind the tree, it looks like I'll have full view of the window if they start shootin’," Kid said as he followed his partner.


Heyes turned and gave Kid a ‘did you really have to mention that’ look.


Kid gave a small shrug and turned off to hide behind the tree.

Heyes crept around the left side of the shed. Crouching as low as he could, he quickly picked the lock and went inside, closing the door behind him. Mrs. Grey sat cowering in the corner. He put his finger up in front of his mouth, indicating to be quiet, then quietly whispered, "Mrs. Grey, I'm here to get you out." He slowly moved towards her. "Can you get up?" Mrs. Grey sat there and didn't respond. "I know you're scared," Heyes said calmly.  "I am here to get you to safety. Your husband is counting on my partner and me to get you home. Are you hurt?"


Mrs. Grey shook her head no.


Heyes held out his hand and after looking at it for a minute, Mrs. Grey grabbed it and Heyes helped her up. "I need you to do exactly what I say and be as quiet as possible. Okay?"


Mrs. Grey nodded.


"I'm going to knock on the side, so my partner knows we're coming out. Then we're going to get as low to the ground as possible. I'm only going to open the door enough to squeeze through. As soon as we get out, go to the left side of the shed and behind it. Okay?"


She looked Heyes in the eyes and nodded.


"We'll use the cover of the trees to get you back to town." Heyes knocked lightly on the side of the shed. Kid answered with a single knock. Heyes crouched down holding Mrs. Grey's hand and slowly opened the door. The two of them made it behind the shed and into the trees. Heyes brought Mrs. Grey to his horse and helped her up on it. "Wait here for us. If you see anyone besides myself or my partner coming, ride as fast as you can back to town. Understand." Mrs. Grey nodded. Heyes made his way back to Kid.

"No movement," Kid stated as Heyes came up along side him.

"How do you want to handle this?"

"We have Mrs. Grey, do we really need to get the gang, Heyes?" Kid asked.

"We do if we want any shot at amnesty."

"You really going to let Jake, Joey and Ox go?"

"If they help us get the others," Heyes stated. "We need Kelly. He's the one that killed Johnson and he's the one that Stanley will recognize. He's the one that will clear us." Heyes paused for a minute, "Besides, if Jake is as hurt as Ox said, they won't get very far and Lom and Tom can get them." After a few minutes of watching the quiet cabin, he asked, "So, how do you want to handle this?"

"Think they have the protection and the numbers inside the cabin. We sit and wait ‘til they start to come out," Kid responded. "We should be able to get the drop on one or two guys before they realize something's going on. That leaves us with seven maybe eight guys inside. Jake is hurt so that's six. Joey is tied up without a gun and since we haven't heard anything from Ox, I assume he's going to help us out. That leaves, five for us to deal with."

"With you Kid, I like those odds," Heyes said as he patted his partner’s arm. "Guess I won't have much to do." He smile turned serious with the sound of a door closing. The two of them crouched down as one of the men appeared off to the side of the house. Moving slightly into the woods to take care of business, Heyes and Kid crept up to him from behind.

Kid cocked his gun and placing it next to the man's head.


"I wouldn't move or make a sound if I were you," Heyes said quietly as he moved around so the man could see him. "Harrison," he said acknowledging the man. With their guns pointed at Harrison, Heyes slowly removed the gun from Harrison's holster and tucked it into his waistband. Taking off the man's bandana he said, "It's your lucky day, we're going to tie you to the tree here so you'll be out of harms way." Heyes slowly placed his gun in his holster as he tied the bandana around the Harrison's mouth then motioned him towards the tree. "Give it a big bear hug," Heyes instructed and then tied his hands around the trunk.


Turning to Kid, "One down, wonder how long before Kelly sends someone out looking for him?" Turning back to Harrison, "I'm going to remove the bandana for a second so you can answer a question. Do it quietly and no other noises and you'll be fine. Just remember Kid has his gun pointed at you." Harrison once again heard the click of the gun being cocked. "So, how many men are in the cabin and where are they?"

Harrison swallowed hard as he looked at the barrel of Kid's gun out of the corner of his eyes, "Nine, I mean eight," he said quietly. "All in the front room."

"Jake and Joey?" Kid asked.

"Jake’s in bed, he's in real bad shape. Joey's next to him," Harrison replied.

"Ox?" Heyes asked.

"Think he's over with them too," Harrison replied.

Heyes looked at Kid and gave a slight nod of the head; it appears Ox was telling the truth. "You did good Harrison," Heyes said, "so I'm just going to put the bandana back and everything should be fine."

The partners walked away from the man. "We're down to eight with Jake in no shape that's seven," Kid stated. "They'll probably send one out lookin’ for Harrison and if we get the drop on him it will be six before they all come out." Kid stopped and looked at Heyes, "If I take the first five can you get the last one?"

Heyes smiled, "Yeah, I think if you handle the first five, I can get the last one. Maybe even the last two."

As they got back to their hiding spot, another man came out around the cabin with gun drawn. "Harrison?" he called out. Seeing the lock on the shed open he walked over to it. Opening it up, he stepped inside. Heyes quickly stepped in behind him and knocked him out with a swift hit to the head with the butt end of his gun.

Leaving the shed just as quick as he went in, he turned and locked it, then stepped back into the hiding spot. "Down to six," Heyes said with a smile as the crashing of glass and sound of bullets echoed in the air.

Heyes and Kid crouched and moved to get better shelter from the flurry of bullets heading their way. "Guess they know we're here," Kid said.




Sheriffs Trevors and Hardy left town right after talking to Laurie. They were following the creek towards the cabin when they heard gunfire. "Sounds like the boys might need some help," Lom said and kicked his horse into a gallop with Tom following. They followed the creek until they could see the cabin up in the distance. Lom pulled his horse up and motioned Tom to the trees. "We can't ride in like this," he said, "we'll be sitting ducks."

"If we both take a side of the path, coming up in the trees, they might not spot us," Tom said.

"That might work, and from the sound of it, they have their hands full," Lom stated. "My guess is Heyes and Kid are in the back so maybe we can get them in the crossfire. Be careful," he said then moved his horse into position on the other side of the path and straight into a gallop.




Heyes and Kid saw movement coming around from both sides of the cabin. They could also see the barrel of a gun at the broken window. Kid motioned to Heyes he would handle the right side and the guy in the window. What happened in the next few minutes was a blur as Kid, took out the guy in the window, and then shot the gun out of the guy's hand that had come around the right side of the cabin. Kid moved to the right side of the window.


The man coming out of the left side of the cabin was hit from behind with a huge log as Heyes looked on. He looked to see Ox crouching in the trees on the side of the cabin. Heyes tipped his hat towards the man.  He counted, nine to start, two down before they were spotted, Kid got two on the first try, Ox knocked the guy out on the left and he was out of the cabin; that left Jake, Joey and Kelly in the cabin. Heyes moved up along side the back window and peered in.

Joey was standing and staring down Kelly, "This is all your fault!" he bellowed at Kelly. "You and your stupid plans, you're goin' t' pay for this and what you did t' Jake!"

"You don't have a gun," Kelly said as venom flowed from his mouth. "If it wasn't for you and your brother, this wouldn't ‘ave happened and I would be rich. Heyes and Curry would be DEAD!" Kelly turned his gun on Jake and fired.

"Nooooooooooo!" Joey screamed and dove for the gun that had been knocked out of the hand of the guy at the window. Picking it up, both he and Kelly fired at each other. Kelly hit Joey directly in the chest. Joey struck Kelly in upper shoulder of his gun arm.

Lom and Tom came riding up on the cabin as Kid moved to the front door. Dismounting the three of them burst into the cabin. Tom quickly moved to secure the man at the window, while Lom stood in front of Kelly, securing his gun. Kid checked Jake and Joey and shook his head; they were both dead. Heyes turned and looked at Ox, he slowly got up and looked into Heyes' eyes as he back up and headed towards the horses. Heyes gave a slight nod of his head and Ox turned and ran as Heyes made his way to the front of the cabin.

Walking in the door, "Lom, Tom, nice of you to come." He walked over to Kelly and watched Lom tie him up. Giving the best Hannibal Heyes stare to Kelly, he said, "You'll find a guy knocked out and locked in the shed, and one tied out back to the tree. Kid hit the guy in the arm on the right side of the cabin; think he's still there. There's also a guy knocked out on the left side of the cabin."

"That only makes eight," Lom said.

"One got away," Heyes said looking at Kid. "Went out to the left and straight to the horses. Didn't want to leave Kid without back up to go after him."

"Banker's wife?" Lom asked.

"She's safe. I'll go get her," Heyes stared at Kelly one more time then turned and walked towards the cabin door.

"Stop him!" Kelly barked. "That's Hannibal Heyes. The one over there is Kid Curry," Kelly said with a smug look on his face.


Heyes stopped walking and turned slowly towards Kelly.


Kid turned and looked at Lom.


"He's Hannibal Heyes and that's Kid Curry," Kelly repeated. "I might not get the reward but I should get somethin' for fingerin' ‘em," Kelly stated. "You could let me go and collect the reward!"

"Don't think so," Tom said, "This here is Joshua Smith and that's Thaddeus Jones. Don't think there's a reward on Joshua Smith or Thaddeus Jones."

Heyes smiles deviously at Kelly, "Nope, no reward on Joshua Smith or Thaddeus Jones."

"No deal for you Kelly," Lom stated. "You're being taken in on three counts of murder and one count of kidnapping."

Kelly stared at Heyes, his eyes narrowed and his face became red. "I'm gonna kill you!" he screamed as he lunged at Heyes.


Heyes moved to the side and quickly connected with his right fist into the side of Kelly's face sending him reeling backwards. He looked down at the man sprawled out on the floor as a smile crept across his face. Looking at Lom he said, "I think I better go get Mrs. Grey now." With a triumphant expression on his face, he turned towards the door.





Heyes brought Mrs. Grey to the cabin and collect the horses from the corral. She watched from the porch as Kid and Heyes helped tie up the gang and get them on their horses. When all the prisoners were ready and their horses were tethered together, Heyes walked over to her.


"Mrs. Grey," he said, "It's time." He held out his hand for her. She grabbed hold and stepped off the porch. Helping her onto the horse he said, "Sheriff Trevors and Sheriff Hardy will get you back to town."

"You're not coming?" she said sounding alarmed.

"No ma'am," he stated, "One of the gang got away. My partner and I are going to try to pick up his trail before he gets too far."

"But," she said sounding as though she was going to cry.

Heyes put his hand on hers, "The gang is tied up. They can't hurt you anymore. Sheriff Trevor and Sheriff Hardy will make sure of that. They will get you to town and your husband safely."

"Please," Mrs. Grey pleaded.





As Heyes was helping Mrs. Grey, Kid was standing off to the side with Lom and Tom. Looking at Lom he said, "Heyes and I can't go back to town."


Lom nodded his head.


"Besides Kelly over there, Heyes told the bank manager who we were."

"I see," Lom said.

"What if the bank manager talks?" Tom asked.

"We're hoping with his wife back, he won't say anything."

Heyes walked over and joined the group. "Mrs. Grey is in a little bit panicked with us not going to town," he started, "I told her I would talk it over with you."

"Heyes we can't," Kid stated. "Besides the bank manager, Kelly is going to start talkin’ again as soon as he gets in town."

"I know, I was thinking maybe we could go to the fork in the road," Heyes said. "It's not too far and we'll still be able to see anyone coming. Might be better. If Mr. Grey talked, he might have told everyone we were coming to the cabin and told them the back way to get here."

"I would rather not try to take the gang back, even though they are tied up, with a hysterical woman," Lom stated.

"Alright," Kid said, "To the fork in the road."

"What about Laurie?" Tom asked.

"Send her out this way," Heyes said. "We'll find her."

They mounted their horses and headed towards town. As they approached the fork in the road Heyes said, "Well, this is where we part." Turning to Mrs. Grey, "Sheriff Hardy and Sheriff Trevors will get you back to your husband." He tipped his hat to her. "Lom, it was good to see you again. Stay in touch." Turning to Tom, "Thanks for your help, be seeing you soon."

"Lom, Tom," Kid tipped his hat then shook his head, "I won't miss saying those names together!" He chuckled, "The rhyming Sheriffs. Out of all the Sheriffs and names," he smiled, "Glad we can count you as friends." He tipped his hat.

"Feelings mutual," Lom said. "Joshua, Thaddeus," Lom tipped his hat, "Be safe, I'll be in touch."

"Good to count you two as friends," Tom said, "See you soon."

Heyes and Kid split off from the group as the rest of them headed towards town.




Laurie quietly closed the door behind Lom and Tom as they left for the cabin. She went to the window and watched them ride out of town. After standing for a moment, she change into her riding pants and then went to pack her bags along with Heyes' and Kid's saddlebags. As soon as she was done, she checked the three of them out of the hotel and saddled her horse. She sat waiting on the porch, looking in the direction of the cabin, praying they would return safely.

About mid morning, Laurie noticed a commotion at the far end of the town. Standing up, she could see two men, guiding a group of horses tethered together. The crowd began to grow and the noise became louder as they got closer to the center of town and the Sheriff's office. She could now see Lom, Tom and a woman; whom she assumed was the bank manager's wife, and six men tied up on horses. It looked like two others were tied hanging over another horse.


Laurie looked down the street and saw no one else coming. She took off running to meet the group in front of the Sheriff's office. She made her way through the crowd just as Lom dismounted. Seeing the panic in her face, he pulled her into a hug and quietly said, "They're alright! They're waiting for you by the fork in the road."

Laurie pulled back and looked at hisface; he smiled and nodded his head. She wiped the tear that was falling down her face, "Thank you," she said reaching up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Turning she hadn't realized Tom had come up behind her and almost ran him over. "I'm sorry, Tom. I gotta go."

"I know," he said and smiled at her. "Tell them we'll handle everything here."


She nodded.


"Laurie, they're good men," Tom said.

"Thank you," Laurie said and kissed Tom's cheek. "Oh, what about you?"

"Me?" he asked.

"We rode together?" Laurie said.

"Oh, don't worry about me. I can make it back on my own."

She smiled and started to move past him, turning back around she said quietly, "We'll wait for the night, where you and I stayed on the way to town. If you can make it, we can all go home together."


Tom nodded.


Laurie ran to her horse, and rode out of town before the first prisoner was taken into the jail.


She rode as quickly as possible to the fork in the road. She stopped and looked around. She saw nothing. Starting to to panic, she coaxed her horse slowly forward as she frantically looked around, then from the thick of the trees, Heyes stepped out. Laurie gasped, jumped off her horse and ran into his waiting arms. She held on to him with all her strength and buried her face into his chest.


"It's over," Heyes said soothingly as he stroked her hair. "It's over."

"I was so scared," Laurie said still holding on tight. "There were so many of them and only the two of you." She stopped and held on tighter and cried quietly. After a few minutes she lifted her head, seeing the wet spot on Heyes' shirt she said, "I'm sorry. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately."

He lifted her chin, "It's okay, I don't mind."

"But I promised not to cry. I just can't seem to stop myself," Laurie said.

"You promised not to cry when we leave, not when we come back," Kid said as he appeared from behind a tree.

Laurie smiled and held her hand out towards him; he grabbed it. "Thank you for keeping him safe; for keeping both of you safe."

Kid smiled back at her, "You're welcome." He looked down the road Laurie just came from, "I guess they all got to town okay."

"They did," she responded. "Lom and Tom were getting the gang into jail and I saw the bank manager with his wife as I left."

"He didn't say anything did he?" Heyes asked.

"Don't know. I left as soon as Lom told me where I could find you. Why?" Laurie asked.

"Heyes had to tell him who we are," Kid responded.


"We should probably get moving just in case," Heyes said.

"Yeah and I'm sure Kelly is going to start spoutin’ off again once he gets near Sheriff Slatery anyway," Kid said.

"About what?" Laurie asked.

"He was telling Lom and Tom who we really are?" Heyes said.

Laurie looked shocked, "What happened?"

"Tom stood up for us. Well, he just said we were Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones," Heyes said.

"Then Heyes decked Kelly," Kid said with a smile.

"Really?" Laurie smiled. "Good, he deserved it. He deserves worse for what he put you through."

"He's gonna get worse," Kid said.

"Let's get moving" Heyes said.

As they got on their horses Laurie said, "I told Tom that we would wait for him at the place he and I stayed at before coming to town. If he could make it tonight, we could all go home together. It's a little clearing on the side of the mountain. You can see all the way to town. We should be able to see if anyone comes looking for you. If he's not there by morning, he'll have to travel alone."

"Sounds like a plan," Kid said.



The three made it to the clearing and set up camp. As the night wore on, they sat around the fire, watching for any movement from town. Having not slept much the night before, Kid and Laurie crawled into their bedrolls and went to sleep. Around midnight, Heyes heard the sound of a single rider approaching the camp. "Nice you could join us Tom," Heyes said as he sipped his coffee, his eyes never leaving the fire.

"Coffee smells good, got any more?" Tom asked as he dismounted and walked over and sat down.

"Now I've heard everythin’," Kid said in a very groggy voice. "Heyes' coffee smellin’ good. What did they do to you in that town after we left?" he stretched and sat up. "Might as well pour me a cup too," he said to Heyes.

"Make it three," Laurie said as she stood up and sat next to Heyes cuddling up to him to keep warm.

As Heyes poured the coffee he asked, "How'd it go?"

"Went fine," Tom said as he took a sip of the coffee. "Mmm, just the way I like it."


Kid looked at him and shook his head in disbelief.


"Gangs all in jail. Stanley pointed out Kelly as being the one that shot Johnson. He's also being charged with Jake and Joey's murder. The two of you and the Devil's Hole Gang have been cleared."

Laurie sighed in relief, "That's great."

"Did Kelly give Slatery any trouble?" Kid asked.

"He tried. He started up again about you and Heyes being you and Heyes. Slatery looked at Lom, he just shrugged. Slatery asked Kelly if it was you and Heyes how come you went after them and more important, how come you two didn't rob the mining payroll. Kelly couldn't answer him. Slatery laughed at him and told him he thought so. Then locked him up and told him to be quiet."

"What about the bank manager?" Heyes asked.

"He was real grateful his wife was okay and home. He explained he had been threatened and that it was Kelly who did it and took her. Told me if I ever ran into Deputies Smith and Jones again to tell them he is indebted to you and always will be. He then added you were welcome at his bank anytime. He started to choke when he realized what he said."

Heyes chuckled, "I bet he did!"

"He did say again that you would be welcome in his home anytime you were in the area," Tom said. "I don't know if he knows I know who you are or not, but I think he was trying to say your secret is safe with him."

Laurie smiled, squeezed Heyes' arm and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "You've done good Hannibal Heyes. Real good."


"Well, lets get some sleep so we can get an early start home tomorrow," Kid said.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Heyes said with a smile.




Laurie was up at first light.  She was standing and looking out towards town when Heyes woke up. He got up and went to stand next to her. She looked up at him, "You ready to go home, Joshua?"

"I'm ready," he said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"You sure? You weren't that happy before you left…" Laurie started.

"Maybe because I didn't realize how lucky I was," Heyes leaned over and gave Laurie a very soft kiss. "I was afraid I was going to lose it all. Having almost done that, I think I'm ready to fight to hold on to it. Do whatever I need to." He pulled Laurie in and kissed her more passionately. Leaning back he looked in her eyes, "That is, if you'll have me."

"Forever," she said as she stared deep into his eyes.

"If the two of you don't stop, we'll never get home," Kid groaned as he rolled over in his bedroll.

Laurie laughed, still looking into Heyes' eyes, "Being awfully proddy Kid. Better watch it or I won't make breakfast before we leave."

"Kid, be quiet," Tom said as he sat up. "I've been looking forward to Laurie's cooking since we left. We came in such a hurry; we ate jerky the whole way. I was hoping for some bacon and biscuits or something."

She turned towards him, "Okay, you guys start breaking down camp. Heyes you make the coffee and I'll get breakfast going."


They ate breakfast and headed back to Small Falls as the sun began to rise in the sky.




Three days later, a short distance from Small Falls, Laurie stopped her horse. "Tom," she said, "This is where we part."


He smiled and nodded his head.


"Let Doris and Walter know we'll be there soon."

"Will do," he said, tipping his hat. "Joshua, Thaddeus; would ride with you two anytime. See you soon."

"What's going on?" Heyes asked.

Laurie smiled, "Just a little change of plans."

"Can't it wait," Kid moaned. "I'm starvin’ and I would really like a bath."

"Won't take long," Laurie said with a smile and twinkle in her eye. Turning her horse, she took the road to the left.

Kid looked at Heyes, Heyes shrugged his shoulders. "Laurie, is this really necessary? Where are we going?" he asked.

"Yes it's necessary," she said with a giggle in her voice. "Not far, just around the bend up there."


Heyes and Kid followed Laurie up and around the bend. As they went around the bend Laurie stopped.

"Why are we stopping here?" Heyes asked.


Laurie nudged her horse slowly forward and around some trees then dismounted. Doing the same, Heyes asked again as he stood next to Laurie, "What are we doing here?"

"We're home," Laurie said and looked forward. Down a slight slope sat a house with a barn and corral. Laurie turned to Heyes, "We're home," she said again.

Heyes looked confused, "We're home? What do you mean we're home?"

"I got a really good deal on the house so I bought it with the money you and Kid sent to me," Laurie explained. "The house, the barn, the land, it's all ours; yours, mine and Kid's. No more hotel." She smiled and looked into Heyes' eyes.

For a minute, nothing registered, and then a million dollar Heyes smile that reach from ear to ear spread across his face. "We're home, this is our home?" he exclaimed.


Laurie smiled and nodded her head.


Heyes picked her up and twirled her around; setting her back down he drew her into a passionate kiss.

Kid, a few step behind, missed what was happening, "If the two of you don't stop doin’ that and tell me what's goin’ on, I'm headin’ to the hotel and some food."

Heyes and Laurie separated, "Kid," Laurie said quietly, "We're home. This," she said motioning with her hand "is our home. It's big enough for two families. You don't have to have the room right next to us anymore."

Kid looked at Laurie and then at Heyes. Then he looked back at Laurie, and then at Heyes. He tried to speak but nothing came out.


Heyes looked at him, "We're home Kid. We have a house." The biggest grin Heyes had seen on Kid in years spread across his face. They reached for each other grabbing on in a big bear hug as they laughed.

"We have a house! Heyes, we have a house!" Kid exclaimed. Letting go of Heyes, he turned to Laurie and swung her in the air, "We have a house!" The three of them hugged and laughed and then Kid asked quite seriously, "How do we have a house?"

"I bought it with some of the money you and Heyes sent back. It's Mrs. Quimby's sister's house. She moved back east and Mrs. Quimby thought we deserved a place of our own," Laurie stated. "I got a real good price on it and didn't even have to pay for it all at once. I had to make sure the two of you liked it," she said looking at them. "The house needs some work but it's big enough for two families. The barn can hold a bunch of horses. There is plenty of land," Laurie said as she tried to sell the idea all the time studying the men's faces. "It's away from town; you'll run into less people. You are both great with horses, we can raise them."

"It's really nice," Kid, said sounding slightly dejected. "You and Heyes will have a wonderful life out here.

"No," Laurie said, "If you don't come too, I don't want it."

"But…" Kid started before being interrupted by Laurie.

"No, this is our house. The three of us, we're family," Laurie said.

"She's right Kid," Heyes said, "We don't take the house unless you come too."

"Really?" Kid asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Really!" Heyes and Laurie said together.

"We have a house!" Kid exclaimed and was joined by the barking of Sam as he came running up behind them.

"Sam!" Laurie screamed crouching down to hug her dog as Doris and Walter came riding up.

"Tom, told us you were back," Doris said, getting down from the wagon and hugging Laurie and the boys.

"Welcome back," Walter said, "We missed you."

"It's great to be home," Heyes said.




Lom sent a telegram letting the boys know their names had been cleared and the Governor had received a letter of commendation from Mr. Grey the bank manager. He just wanted to let the Governor know that if it hadn't been for Deputies Smith and Jones, his wife would not have been returned home safe. Lom also let them know that they would be receiving the reward on Jake, Joey and the gang. The total amount was seventeen hundred dollars. He said that Mr. Grey insisted on them receiving it.

The next few months were spent fixing up the house. The three of them continued to live at the hotel as they fixed the house and made plans to raise horses. Walter also began talking to the boys about running a saloon and gambling parlor he wanted to have attached to the hotel.

Heyes and Kid had to leave town and camp out at the house a few times when they were concerned about being recognized. They continued to do special jobs for the Governor, Colonel Marker, Lom and anyone else they thought could help them in their quest for amnesty. They did, however, turn down a few jobs for Big Mac deciding that no amount of money was really worth the risk involved in any of his "simple" jobs.