As she stepped into the room, a hand came out from behind the door and covered her mouth. The door was closed and Laurie was swung around to be face to face with Heyes. He removed his hand and pulled her into a tight embrace.


Laurie gasp, "Where," as the tears started to freely flow down her face. She could no longer control her emotions as they came flying to the forefront. Two weeks of being sick and worried about Heyes and Kid and now he was here. He was holding her. She lifted her head slightly to kiss his face, then brought her hands up to touch it as she kissed his cheeks, his chin and finally his lips. The kiss became more powerful and passionate as the two of them clung to each other. Breathlessly they parted and he wiped the tears that were stillstreaming down her face. "Where have you been, where's Kid?" Laurie cried.

"Shh," Heyes quietly said. "I'm here, Kid's over in the corner," he pointed and she looked, smiled and waved. "It's a long story, but we got in town about five minutes before you did. We saw you ride in with Sheriff Hardy. I wanted to tell you but, you were with him the whole time."

Laurie put her hands up to her face and shook her head. She just couldn't control it any more as her knees gave way.  If Heyes hadn't been so quick, she would have collapsed onto the floor. Instead, he caught her and carried her over to the bed.


She sobbed uncontrollably, "I thought I had lost you, you were shot. I got here and you were dead." Laurie wailed into her hands as she rocked back and forth on the bed. Heyes sat down next to her and tried to comfort her but the dam had broken; all the stress and all the fear she had kept inside was bubbling over.

Kid walked over and crouched down in front of her. Placing his hand on her knee he quietly said, "It's okay, Heyes is okay. I promised to bring him back to you. I'm sorry I'm late."

Laurie giggled through her sobs as she tried to catch her breath. "You're late," she laughed and cried at the same time. "Oh my, I thought I would never see you again, and you were just a little late." The thought some how had struck Laurie as funny. After all the worrying she had been doing, after the fear of loosing Heyes, he was just a little late. She tried rubbing her face dry. As she lifted her hands from her face she looked into big blue eyes, "Thank you for keeping your promise, next time please be on time." She smiled leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She sat up and looked at Heyes, still trying to stop crying she pursed her lips together and shook her head slightly.


He reached up and wiped the tears still falling down her face leaving his hand linger.  She leaned into it, closing her eyes and forced a tight smile. Opening her eyes, she looked into the brown eyes looking so lovingly back at her. "I love you," was all she got out before he pulled her tightly into a hug.

Heyes quietly whispered in her ear, "I love you too. I'm sorry."

After a minute Laurie sat up pushed herself slightly away from him and swatted his shoulder, "You should be."  She pouted then added, "Don't do it again!"

Heyes smiled one of his million dollar smiles and said, "I won't."  She leaned in and Heyes sat there quietly holding her as she finally started to calm down. "Are you okay now?"


Not wanting to leave his arms, she nodded.


"Good," he said then looking at Kid who was once again sitting in the chair in the corner, "Can you get me a glass of water?"

Kid stood up and walked across the room to the pitcher, "No water, I'll have to go get it."

"No stay here."


He nodded and went to sit back down.

Laurie lifted her head off Heyes' chest. She looked at him and was about to ask why when she noticed his face. What she had previously thought was dirt she now realized were actually bruises. She gasped and placed her hand over her mouth then reached out and ever so slightly touched the side of his face. "You're hurt what happened?"

"I'm fine," Heyes said trying to reassure her. When he realized that wasn't going to do he added, "It's a long story." He paused again, "It's why we're late getting home. I am okay, a little sore, but I need to know why you're here with Hardy?"

"He got a telegram; well all of the area Sheriff's got a telegram looking for someone who could identify Hannibal Heyes. It said you were shot trying to get away during a bank robbery and were gravely wounded. "Heyes tilted his head slightly and was about to speak when Laurie continued.  "He brought the telegram over to Walter and Doris and they told me. He knows who you are." She looked at Kid, "You were right, since the incident with Mrs. Carlson. He doesn't know about the promise of amnesty though."

"Is he here to arrest us?" Kid anxiously asked.

"No,"she shook her head, "He said he could protect me if it was you and I shouldn't have to come alone. Walter offered but I told him no."

"How could he protect you?" Heyes asked.

"Tom said that he would tell the Sheriff I was on a train that was robbed by you and could identify you. Then he realized that if it was you, I wouldn't be able to stay with you so he told him my husband was mistakenly identified as Hannibal Heyes and since you were late, we had to come check."

"Tom?" Heyes repeated the name. "Tom, you're on a first name basis with the Sheriff now?"

Laurie rolled her eyes, "Yes I'm on a first name basis with the Sheriff. We've been traveling together for three days. I've known him for years. I thought it would be a good thing to be on a first name basis with the Sheriff."

"It's a good thing for Kid and me but you; you've been traveling with him all by yourself for three days. You don't think first names might be a little too familiar?"

A small smile crept across Laurie's face as she looked into Heyes' eyes, "That's not a touch of jealousy I hear in your voice is it?"

"No," Heyes said meekly.

She gazed into his deep brown eyes and very softly said, "Hannibal Heyes you are the only man for me. Now and forever you will always be my one and only true love. I don't care how many men I know on a first named basis, it's you and only you for me."She reached up and kissed him softly on the lips.


Heyes returned the kiss more passionately.

From the corner of the room there was a cough, "Excuse me, I am in the room," Kid announced.

Heyes and Laurie separated still looking into each other's eyes. "Sorry Kid," Heyes said.   “Okay, Tom," a little growl came out when he said the name, "said he could protect you, then what?"

"I told him he'd better keep up ‘cause I wasn't waiting and we left. Took us two and a half days to get here. Went to Sheriff Slatery's office. He said Heyes was dead." Laurie stopped as the words came out of her mouth and put her hand to her mouth, the tears began to well in her eyes.

"It's okay, it's not me," Heyes said reassuring Laurie.

She nodded, "Well we saw the body, sent a telegram saying we were here and came to the hotel. That's it. Now what's your story?" Laurie looked at the two of them waiting for an answer. "Oh, I almost forgot. Slatery said Lom was on his way. Don't know more than that but I do know he is headed this way."

"Good," Heyes said. "We might need his help."



"It's a long story..."

"You've told me that three times now. Please begin so I can hear it all before I die," Laurie said in exasperation.

"Wife's getting awfully proddy Heyes," Kid teased.

"Leave her alone or with Tom," once again a growl came out of the back of Heyes' throat when he said the name, "and she starts to get a little uppity."

Laurie looked at the two of them and with an‘I'm warning you voice and face’ she said, "A little uppity, awfully proddy. Ha! You haven't seen anything yet unless you start talking and talking fast. I have been a nervous wreck for two weeks! Yes TWO WEEKS! I expect to find out why NOW!"

Heyes and Kid gave each other looks; Laurie glared at both of them. "Okay," Heyes chuckled lightly putting his hands up. "It's a long story and of course it all goes back to Mac." Heyes went on filling in the details of Jake and Joey chasing them, crossing the river, finding a safe place to cross back. Doubling back to Summit where he sent her the last telegram, the storm and accidentally stumbling into Jake and his gang. Then things took a turn for the worse.

"The rain finally stopped and Jake was talking about taking us back to Mac's figuring he could get money for our release. We were set to leave the next morning when the tenth guy showed up." Heyes shook his head, "Don't know why I didn't recognize him in Clayton."

"Heyes you can't blame yourself, you never saw him in Clayton. I saw him in the saloon with Mac but that's when you were in the room with Laurie. If you had spotted him, things would have gone bad there if he spotted you," Kid said.

"Who?" Laurie asked Kid anxiously.

"Kelly, Sean Kelly," Heyes responded hanging his head.

"Who’s Sean Kelly?" she asked looking between the partners.

"He was part of the Devil's Hole Gang," Kid stated.

"Oh," Laurie said. "Wouldn't that be a good thing? He recognized you, right?"

"I never ran with Kelly he was with the gang before I got there. He recognized Heyes."

Heyes lifted his head, "Not good."

Laurie opened her mouth to say something when Kid stated, "Kelly didn't like Heyes, never did. Big Jim always liked Heyes and Kelly resented it. Turns out he blames Heyes for gettin' kicked out of the gang and arrested."


Heyes sighed and shook his head.

Laurie turned to Heyes looking for more information.


He looked at her, "Kelly was Jim's second before I came. Jim kind of pushed him aside and I became his second. Kelly was always trying to cause problems for me but the last time back fired. Big Jim got caught and arrested instead. When I found out what he did I told him to get out and not come back. He was arrest a week later doing something stupid in town. He blames me." He shrugged.

"So what happened?" Laurie asked.


"Jake gave us our guns back and I started to plan the bank job," Heyes stated.


"Heyes was buyin’ us time," Kid replied. "When Kelly recognized Heyes any hope they would take us back to Mac was gone. Kelly wanted us dead! Heyes had to keep talkin’ to keep us alive."

"A million dollars is a big bargaining chip and they thought we had it." Heyes continued, "As long as they thought we could get the jewels, their greed would keep us alive."

"Why wouldn't they just try to get the jewels themselves? You said Jake and Joey have robbed before," Laurie asked.

"They rob stagecoaches and I think they may have done a few trains. Banks are above them and Dry Gulch's bank is new with all new security. They aren't smart, but they aren't dumb enough to think they could get the jewels out of the bank without help," Kid stated.

"So you were at the robbery," Laurie said looking and sounding extremely worried.

"No," Heyes said putting his hand on top of Laurie's. "I just needed to buy time. There were ten of them and we knew at least one wanted us dead. We weren't sure about the others yet, so I needed time to figure things out."

"Heyes came up with this real elaborate plan so they figured they needed us to get the jewels," Kid said as he looked at his partner and laughed.

"Maybe too elaborate," Heyes laughed. "I was beginning to think they were going to kill us for the reward because it was too elaborate!" They both laughed. "Anyway, I had it set so we would head out to Dry Gulch in shifts. We didn't want to all arrive at the same time. The first group would leave in the morning and gather the supplies. The rest of us would arrive a day later. I figured if it was Kid and me against four or five guys we had a better chance at getting away."

"Joey, and four others left the next morning for Dry Gulch. Heyes and I stayed behind with Jake, three others and Kelly. Kelly said he wasn't going to let us out of his site so he wasn't going in the first group. Heyes argued but gave in when Jake told Kelly to keep his distance," Kid continued the story. "Jake was still bein’ cautious and had the horses watched. He also stayed pretty close to us in case we changed our minds. I think he was more concerned we would leave him behind and go for the jewels without him, then havin’ us escape."

"The following morning the rest of us headed to Dry Gulch," Heyes said as he recounted the events. "The storms made a mess of the roads to town and we had to go way out of our way. What should've been fairly quick and easy became long and treacherous. Jake led the way and Kelly stayed right on our heels. About half way, we had to cross the river. The river was swollen and moving real fast. I tried to talk them out of it but Jake was being pushed by Kelly to go forward."






"Jake," Heyes yelled out, "I think we should look for another place to cross. The water is too high and the currents gonna be too strong for the horses."

"Shut up Heyes!" Kelly yelled back. "You're jes tryin' to get away so you can git the jewels yourself. One try and I'll shoot you."

Kid looked at Kelly with disdain and countered, "With the rest of the gang in Dry Gulch how would we get the jewels and have nobody notice. We're good, but we're not stupid. We need more than the two of us to get into the bank. It's you guys or someone else so why don't you back off!"

Kelly turned to Kid and glared at him. 


"Enough!" Jake yelled. "This is probably the best place to cross the river anyway." He started into the river and the rest followed.

The partners looked at each other, "Leave room between us before you follow," Heyes told Kid.  "That way if my horse loses his footing he won't take yours out." They both took deep breaths and entered the water with Kelly behind both of them.


About halfway across, Jake's horse stumbled and went down throwing him into the fast current. He went under for a few moments before surfacing a short ways down river. The river was rough and was carrying Jake away with little hope that he could survive Heyes yelled out, "Damn!" as he maneuvered his horse to go down stream. The current quickly took hold of the horse and swiftly carried it in the direction of the struggling Jake.

"Heyes!" Kid yelled.

"Get to the other side and get down river,"he yelled back over his shoulder.

Kid trudged as rapidly as possible to the other side of the river keeping an eye on Heyes at all times. Heyes held onto his horse with little or no control of movement or direction as they were hurled down the river.


Jake was being toss all over as he struggled to keep his head above the water and grab anything to help slow down his movement as he yelled out for help.


Heyes holding on tightly with his knees yelled to Jake, "I'm gonna throw you the rope, try to grab it." He threw the rope towards him but Jake was pulled under before it reached him. Heyes pulled the rope back and tried again. After several attempts, Jake was able to grab hold of the rope before going under again. He was still about twenty feet in front of Heyes, "Wrap the rope around your hands if you can. I'm going to try to get to the side," Heyes yelled. "Hold on!" Heyes desperately tried to angle the horse to the side. With the rush of the current pushing the horse, he had to hold on tightly not to be knocked off as they continued down the river.

Kid finally made it to the other side and raced down the river to reach his partner. Looking ahead he saw rapids coming quickly. "Heyes!" Kid yelled out as he motioned to the rivers rapids swiftly approaching.

"Kid," Heyes yelled back with urgency in his voice, "Any help would be appreciated!" With luck, the river began to bend slightly to the left so he was getting closer to the side without moving. With the bend in the river, a slight change in the current occurred and he was able to guide the horse to the side.


As Heyes reached the side, Kid grabbed the rope from his exhausted partner and started to pull Jake in. Bringing his horse onto shore, Heyes slid off and collapse on the bank as Kid pulled Jake to safety. "Thanks Kid," Heyes mumbled as he tried to catch his breath.

Kid reached into the water and grabbed Jake's hand as he neared the side. With all the effort he had left, he leaned back and extracted him from the churning water. The two of them toppled on top of each other next to Heyes.

Jake rolled off Kid and lay there coughing and gasping for air, "You're crazy Heyes," he exhaled, "But thanks." He reached out and tried to give him a pat on the arm but the shear movement sent him into a coughing fit.

Kid rolled Jake on to his side, "Take it easy Jake. You must have swallowed half the river. Try not to move."


Jake lightly waved his hand in acknowledgement of Kid and lay there panting.


Lying on the ground, Heyes heard the sounds of the rest of the gang coming to join them. He caught his breath and said to Jake, "You know Kelly's going to kill us when we get the jewels don't you?" Before Jake had a chance to answer, the rest of the gang arrived.

"Either of you try that again and I'll shoot you!" Kelly barked at the partners.

Jake rolled over to look at Kelly, "If either of ‘em risk their lives to save me, you'll kill ‘em? Before or after I'm saved?" he asked with as much anger as he could project in his voice when he really wasn't able to. Jake looked at Heyes who return the look with a raised eyebrow. "We'll find a place close and camp for the night." Jake announced as he sat up.

"We're suppose ‘t be in Dry Gulch!" Kelly yelled.

"It's gonna be dark soon, this is takin' a lot longer than it should and I am not goin' on tonight. It's too risky!" Jake once again barked at Kelly. "I'm the leader so you better make sure someone's gonna back you up before you push this any further!"

"We're supposed ‘t rob the bank tomorrow night," Kelly started to argue.

Jake turned to Heyes, "Does it matter if we hit the bank tomorrow night or the next night?"

"No," Heyes replied hoping to get the extra time for him and Kid to find a way out.

"Settled," Jake announced. "Johnson find a place and start a fire."

The men slowly moved from the bank of the river to set up camp. Heyes and Jake were soaked to the bones and exhausted. They both changed and sat by the fire as the rest of the gang took care of things. Heyes thought he may have made some points with Jake earlier and since everyone else was busy, decided it was time to talk to him.


"Jake," Heyes said quietly as he looked into the fire.  "I've heard all of the security measures the bank in Dry Gulch has. I got a real bad feeling ‘bout us trying to get in.  Besides, you may not know it, but Kid and I don't rob banks anymore. We're retired."


"Yeah," Heyes continued quietly as he poked the fire with a stick, "It's too dangerous these days. Security's tough. Safes are harder to crack. Even the banks are becoming indestructible. It's just not worth it anymore."

"You still got a price on your heads," Jake laughed.

"Yeah, Kid and I were thinking of heading to Mexico ‘til things cooled down," Heyes nonchalantly said. "Come back when people forget who we are or maybe even stay down there." Heyes turned to look Jake in the eyes, "We don't rob banks Jake and we don't want to rob this one. Someone's bound to end up caught or worse dead. I got a real bad feeling and I always go with that feeling, it's how we've stayed alive and out of jail all this time."

"You told me in the cave you were goin' ‘t git the jewels," Jake said looking somewhat confused and sounding slightly angry. "Why ya changin' your story now?"


"Because we wanted to stay alive," Heyes simply stated. "Having you think we were going to get the jewels was important to keep us alive. Kelly wants to kill us and you may have let him for twenty thousand dollars. For a million dollars we stay alive."

"Why tell me now?"

"I figure I may have earned something saving your life," Heyes explained. "I'm hoping whatever debt you think Kid and I owe you is paid." Heyes looked into Jakes eyes and held the gaze, "If you break into the bank, someone is going to be killed. My gut tells me and it usually isn't wrong."

Jake sat studying Heyes, he was so absolutely sure about himself. During the entire time he and Kid had been there, he never showed any fear. Was he telling the truth or did he just want the jewels for himself. Before Jake had a chance to say anything the rest of the men started to sit around the fire. Kid sat next to Heyes. Heyes gave Kid a look, a look that told him to be ready, but also a look that said Heyes was working on something.





"So how did you get away?" Laurie asked. "Did Jake let you go?"

"Kind of," Kid replied. Laurie looked very confused as Kid continued, "Jake took the first watch that night. You know Heyes doesn't sleep so it was just the two of them by the fire."




"Go to sleep," Jake told Heyes as Heyes sat staring at the fire.

"Don't sleep much," he responded then added as he turned to Jake, "I'll take watch if you like."

"So you can leave," Jake shot back.

"How bad would that be? Two less guys to split the money with, two less guys to worry ‘bout since it don't appear you trust us. You have the plans, you know the safe has to be blown, why do you need us hanging around especially since all we're doing is distracting Kelly. He's so angry with us that we're all he can think about. If he's the one who's supposed to blow the safe, you don't want him distracted," Heyes asserted. "You know I'm right Jake, he's planning on killing us when you get the jewels. Probably going to shoot me in the back. I know you have your reputation but cold heart killer isn't one of them."

"Shut up," Jake demanded. He began to pace around the campsite. Heyes sat still looking at the fire but aware of where Jake was. Kid was lying on the ground not far from Heyes pretending to be asleep. After a few minutes of pacing, Jake sat down next to Heyes. "How's you're wife put up with this life?"

"She's not my wife," Heyes said looking at the fire, hoping for the first time that his face wouldn't give him away. He knew he couldn't let Jake know about Laurie, she could be a target or a means for the law to get to them. Even with the pang of guilt he was feeling he stoically stated, "I told the truth the first time, she was for hire."

Jake sat there studying Heyes. Jake wasn't much of a thinker and knew Heyes was, was he just trying to get away to get the jewels or did he really just want to get away. "Give me your word you're not goin' after the jewels."

Heyes turned to the man, "I give you my word that I am not going after the jewels."

"What about him?" Jake grunted as he pointed to Kid.

"I give you his word as well. Neither one of us is going after the jewels Jake. I told the truth when I said we were retired. We just want to get as far away from Kelly and this job as possible," Heyes said then added, "I think you should do the same. My gut says it's a mistake."

"A million dollars is a mistake?"

"When it costs you your freedom or your life, yeah it's a mistake," he said solemnly.

Jake stood up and looked down at Heyes, "Gonna take care of business. You'll be awake?"

Heyes nodded, "Honor among thieves?"


Jake nodded and headed to the trees





"As soon as Jake got into the trees we quietly got our horses and got out of there," Kid said.

"How did you know Jake wasn't going to come after you?" Laurie asked.

"Heyes tipped his hat towards him as we left," Kid replied.

"I saw him at the edge of the trees. Then we headed away from Dry Gulch," Heyes explained. "Going backwards but away from the river, the closest town was Indian Lake."


Looking at Laurie, Kid explained, "We rode real hard, Heyes knew you would be worried and wanted to let you know we were okay. It took us two and a half days to get there. We were headin’ straight to the telegraph office when we saw all this commotion in the middle of town. We asked a local what was goin’ on. He said Heyes and I tried to rob the bank in Dry Gulch and Heyes got shot. The commotion was a posse gathering in case we came their way."

"I decided that although you would be worried," Heyes said looking at Laurie, "we better get out of town quickly and we turned around and kept riding."

"Actually, Heyes thought he saw Jack Packer in the crowd so we turned and rode out of town," Kid explained as he stood up to walk around the room. "After we left, Heyes figured we should come here to find out what happened and try to clear our names."

"It was also the closest town with a telegraph to let you know we were okay," Heyes said as he looked at Laurie. He looked into her eyes as he gently stroked the side of her face, "I'm sorry I couldn't get word to you sooner."




Kid stood looking out the window of the hotel, "Heyes," he said as he nodded towards the window. "Lom's here."

Heyes stood up and walked over to the window and watched Lom and the Sheriff take the same path they watched Laurie take to the undertakers. "Well, he's about to tell Slatery it's not me. We need to let him know we're here." Turning to Laurie, "Don't really want to be seen on the street right now, can you go and get Lom?"


Laurie nodded yes.


"Wait on the hotel porch until Lom leaves Slatery, I want him to be able to get as much information as he can."

"Slatery doesn't know I know Lom," she said.

Heyes walked over to her, "That's another reason to stay on the porch. If he doesn't head to the hotel after Slatery, then go after him, otherwise, let him come to you. Okay. Have him check into the room next to yours."


Laurie nodded and left the room.


Heyes and Kid continued to watch for Lom and Slatery. When they reappeared, they walked back towards the Sheriff's office talking. Lom shook Slatery's hand and turned towards the hotel.




Laurie stood patiently waiting for Lom on the porch of the hotel. About half way across the road he recognized the figure on the porch. As he made his way up the stairs he said, "Laurie," as he tipped his hat. "You made good time. Where's Sheriff Hardy?"

"How did you know?" she asked sounding confused as they met at the top of the stairs.

"Sent an urgent telegram to you before I left," he stated. "Walter wrote back and said you had just left with the Sheriff. You want to tell me what going on?"

"Up in the room, okay," Laurie said meekly. "Ask for room five. It's next to mine."

Lom looked curiously at her and nodded. He checked into the hotel and asked for room five. As they were heading up the stairs he asked, "Do you know where they are?"

Laurie continued to walk up the stairs and quietly replied, "Let's wait ‘til we get to the room." Lom nodded and followed Laurie to her room. Laurie opened the door and stepped inside with Lom right behind her. At first glance the room looked empty as the door closed behind them, Lom turned to see Heyes and Kid standing next to it.

"Howdy Lom," Heyes smiled.

"Lom," Kid said tipping his hat.

Lom smiled then a confused look crossed his face, "How?" he looked at Heyes and then Kid, "Why?" as he looked at Laurie.

"We got into town about five minutes before Laurie," Heyes explained.

"That would explain why Sheriff Slatery told me that Mrs. Smith was looking for her husband and had just left," Lom said still looking confused. "I sent a telegram to Small Falls before I left to come here. Walter sent one back saying you were missing and Laurie and Sheriff Hardy were on their way here. Where have you been?"

"It's a long story Lom," Heyes started but was interrupted by a knock on Laurie's door. Heyes and Kid went to stand along the wall behind the door.

She walked over to the door, "Who is it?"

"It's Tom. Laurie, are you okay?"

Laurie looked at Heyes and he nodded at her. She carefully opened the door so that Heyes and Kid wouldn't be seen. "Tom, I'm fine. Won't you come in?"

He looked into the room and saw Lom standing in the middle of the room. He walked in and put his hand out to shake his hand, "Sheriff Tom Hardy of Small Falls," he said introducing himself still unaware of Heyes and Kid behind the door.

"Sheriff Lom Trevors of Porterville," Lom reciprocated as he shook Tom's hand. "Guess we're in town for the same reason."

"Ah," Tom said as the realization that this must be the Sheriff coming to identify Hannibal Heyes. "Guess it was a wasted trip for you as well," he stated then started to back peddled so not to give away that he knew Heyes and Curry, "Or was it?"

"It was a waste of time," Lom said cautiously not sure what the other man knew.

"Sheriff Hardy," Heyes said stepping away from the wall and presenting his hand to him "Thank you for taking your time to help Laurie."

Hardy turned and was surprised by the sight of the two men that he had failed to notice when he walked into the room. "Joshua, Thaddeus," Tom said shaking Heyes' hand. "When did you get here?"

"It's a long story and we were just going to go over it with Lom. He’s an old friend of ours Sheriff," Heyes clarified the situation for Tom.

"Well gentlemen," Laurie interrupted, "I've just heard the story and if you wouldn't mind, I would really like to take a bath and get some rest. If you go next door, the four of you can talk."

Heyes turned to Laurie and for the first time today he realized how disheveled and tired she looked. "Sounds like a plan to me," Heyes said quietly. Still gazing at Laurie, "Lom can you ask the front desk to send up a bath for Laurie, Kid and I don't think it's wise to be seen right now."


Heyes' use of ‘Kid’ amazed all those in the room. He turned towards Tom, "Laurie told me you know who we are and since you were so nice to her, I thought it would be disrespectful to you to deny it. We have a lot to talk to you about and Lom can fill in some of the details," Heyes said. "Let's go into Lom’s room and we'll fill in the details that we know and maybe you can tell us some things we don't."

Lom left to ask the front desk to send up a bath for Laurie. Kid and Tom went to wait in the room. Heyes walked over to Laurie and pulled her into a hug "Take a bath and then get some rest." He kissed the top of her head, "I'm sorry to worry you so much."

Laurie held on tight, "It's okay. I know you didn't mean to." Leaning her head back far enough to look into his eyes, "I'm just glad you're okay and I know you're safe."


Heyes leaned down kissed Laurie and then left to join the others in Lom's room.






Heyes entered the room to find Kid handing out glasses of whiskey to Tom and Lom. As he closed the door to Laurie's room behind him, Kid handed him a glass. "Thought we had a lot of talkin’ to do and it might take a while. Whiskey seemed the right thing to get us through it," Kid said.

Heyes nodded, took the glass and looked at Lom and Sheriff Hardy. "Where should we start?"

"If it's all the same to you, since the three of you know each other," Tom said, "Maybe you could fill me in on how you know each other and why the illustrious Sheriff of Portville hasn't turned you in."

"It no secret that a long time ago, I was on the other side of the law," Lom started. "I know Heyes and Kid from those days. What is a secret," Lom paused and looked at Heyes and the Kid. Heyes gave a slight nod of the head, "Is that a little over a year ago these two came into my office looking for help."

"Help?" Tom asked curiously.

"Yeah Sheriff," Heyes began to explain. "Kid and I decided it was time to get out of the business so to speak. We went to Lom to see if he could talk to the Governor for us, be a broker of sort." Heyes paused then continued, "We wanted to see what our chances of getting in on the Governor's amnesty plan were."

"Amnesty?" Tom said sounding shocked, "Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry!"

"I know it does sound strange but yeah, amnesty," Kid said. "If we went straight, we wanted to know if we could get amnesty."

"I guess the Governor turned you down," Hardy stated.

"No, actually he didn't," Lom disclosed. "He told the boys that if they could stay out of trouble for a year or so, he knew they were serious and they would get the amnesty. The catch was that no one but the four of us would know."

"We would still be wanted and people would still hunt us down for the reward until the Governor saw fit to give us the amnesty," Heyes said to clarify the situation. "So Kid and I have been moving around trying not to be noticed. Doing whatever odd job we could find just to stay out of trouble. Then we had a job to do in Small Falls and everything changed," Heyes' voice tailed off.

"You met Laurie," Tom said looking at Heyes.

"Yeah," he said quietly, "I met Laurie." Heyes turned and walked to the window to look out.

"She didn't know who you were did she?" Tom asked.

Still looking out the window Heyes replied, "No. She had no idea."

Kid looked at the back of his partner. He knew this conversation was painful for him. He knew he was reliving what happened to Laurie as well as questioning his right to fall in love with her.


"We met her coming into town. She was yelling and trying to get away as Carlson was dragging her down the back alley. We made him let go of her." Heyes turned from the window and looked at Tom, "When she heard Carlson was accusing us, she thought she should step in and lend a hand. She thought she owed us that much for saving her from him."

"But the telegram?" Tom asked sounding puzzled.

"That's Laurie's story to tell you," Heyes said still very quiet. "I will tell you that she knew what the return telegram was going to say before you sent yours." Seeing Tom's facial expression change, Heyes added, "No she didn't tamper with the message and yes she is a Cain." Heyes walked across the room and filled his glass, "One of the reasons Laurie and I went on the picnic that day was for me to tell her the truth." Heyes gave a short guttural laugh, "When I told her, she said she already knew. She figured it out the first night when she was cleaning the jail. Figured I would tell her when I was ready." Heyes laughed again and took a swallow of his drink. "So," Heyes said turning back to the group, "Now that that is all filled in, tell me what you know about the robbery."

"How about you boys fill me in on when and why you left Small Falls," Lom said. "Then you can tell both of us what's happened since."

Heyes and Kid told Lom when and why they left Small Falls. Then they proceeded to explain what had happened to them since leaving Small Falls. Lom and Tom sat there listening intently. As they brought them up to arriving in town Heyes said, "That's about it. We don't know who was shot. Was hoping somehow to get a look at him but really hadn't figured out how when we saw Laurie and you Sheriff."

"Joshua, Heyes I'm not sure what to call you," Tom stated.

"Whatever you're comfortable with," Heyes smiled.

"I think I'll stick with Joshua and Thaddeus since that's how I've always addressed you," Tom said. "Are the jewels in the bank here?"

"No. Well, we have no idea where the jewels are," Heyes said. "Last time we saw them was when Big Mac turned them over for the land".

"You're assuming Giant Jake and the gang tried to rob the bank here," Lom asked.

"It makes sense," Kid replied. "Heyes told Jake not to try, but from the sound of it, he didn't listen."

"Or Kelly changed his mind," Heyes jumped in. Turning to Lom, "Any idea who the guy was that was shot?"

"No," Lom said, "It's not Jake, maybe Joey. Has brown hair but much lighter than you." Looking Heyes over he continued, "Brown eyes, but he looks nothing like you. Come to think of it, I can't figure out how people can identify you from those posters. Half the people in any town fit the description."

"Maybe it's because they travel together," Tom surmised.

"Probably and their actions," Lom said shaking his head.

"We've been above board!" Heyes protested.

"Yeah, I know you have, but it's something about the two of you. Always has been," Lom said matter-of-factly. "It's why you made such a good leader and why you didn't have to kill anyone to prove yourself."

Kid looked at Heyes, "Great!" He said sounding disgusted and defeated at the same time, "There's somethin’ about us."

"There might be something about you two, but there's also something that told me I shouldn't turn you in," Tom said to encourage the boys.

"And we really appreciate that Sheriff," Heyes responded.

"Tom," Tom said, "I think first names are in order."

"Okay," Heyes agreed with a forced smile, "Tom." Turning to Lom, "So did you find out anything that Laurie and Tom didn't?"

"The gang shot a man on the way out of town," Lom said. "He's still hanging on but you can add that to the bank robbery and the Governor isn't going to be too pleased."

"But we didn't do it!" Kid protested.

"True, but without proof, the Governor is going to err on the side of the people and what they think," Lom said cautiously.

"You can tell him it wasn't us," Kid spit out. "The guy that was shot wasn't Heyes!"

"Kid, no sense yelling at Lom," Heyes asserted. "He's right and you know it. The Governor isn't going to believe or care that we didn't do it if everyone else thinks we did. No matter how hard we've tried, and we have tried, someone is always going to believe that we did it and so the Governor is never going to give us amnesty." Heyes turned to the door between the rooms, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check on Laurie."


Heyes carefully opened the door and closed it quietly behind him. Laurie was out of the tub and curled up on the bed fast asleep. Heyes stared at her for a few moments with a sad smile on his face. He walked over and felt the tub water. It was still warm so he decided he might as well use it. They couldn't be asking for new water right away if Laurie was the only one supposedly in the room. Maybe soaking in the warm water would clear his head and he would come up with a plan instead of the defeatist mood he was feeling.




Lom looked at the door and then at the Kid, "Is he sick?"

"No," Kid replied sounding deflated.

"He just walked away. Hannibal Heyes just walked away from a problem. No Heyes plan, no optimism about the amnesty," Lom said sounding confused.

"He's been like that lately," the blond partner replied. "I think having to leave Small Falls because we were afraid of being recognized really bothered him. Well, he was anxious before we left because things were going so well."

"He should act different?" Tom asked.

"Oh yeah! Heyes' mind is always working always coming up with plans and working things out. He most definitely should be working things out instead of retreating," Lom stated.

"Maybe he's tired," Tom said innocently.

Kid and Lom laughed. "Heyes don't get tired," Kid responded. "He does his best thinkin’ when he is tired and everyone thinks there's nothin’ left to do." Kid paced, "I'm sure he'll snap out of it and get thinkin’. We'll just give him some time to spend with Laurie. In the meantime, I need a bath and food." Turning to Lom, "Lom you can share this room with me or stay with Tom, but I'm in here. You'll need to get a bath up here since Heyes doesn't want us seen yet. Then get food because I'm starvin’."

Lom shook his head and chuckled, "Surprised it took you so long to ask for food Kid. I'll get the front desk to send up a bath and figure out how we can get food for you and Heyes." Turning to Tom, "Then I'll head back over to Slatery's office to see if I can find out any other information. You're welcome to come Tom, if you like."






Heyes sat quietly and soaked in the bath. The water was warm and he began to feel almost human again. He and Kid had been on the road for so long, he enjoyed the luxury of soaking in the bath so much that he stayed until the water started to get cold. Getting out he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed towards the basin and mirror for a shave. As he approached he smiled, Laurie had already laid out his razor and shaving soap. Looking in the mirror he wondered how she could have been so excited to see him and to kiss this face! He looked so scruffy! He knew shaving would make him feel even better. As he was finishing up, he looked in the mirror to see Laurie laying in bed looking at him. He smiled as he took his last stroke with the razor, wiped his face and turned around. "How long have you been awake?" he asked quietly.

"Since you were in the bath," Laurie said quietly back as she smiled.

Heyes walked towards the bed, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"You looked peaceful," she said then added, "And you looked like you were thinking."

He sat on the side of the bed, "Why didn't you say anything when I got out?"

"You still looked deep in thought," she said and blushed a little.


Heyes lowered his head slightly and looked at her raising his eyebrow ever so slightly.


"Well," Laurie said very quietly, "I guess I was enjoying the view." Laurie blushed and bit her bottom lip.

Heyes smiled and gently rubbed his thumb over Laurie's lip, "Now that's something I haven't seen in a long time," he said gazing into her eyes.

"I'm sor…" Laurie started but didn't finish the word before Heyes leaned over and kissed her. She giggled, "It's much nicer to kiss a clean shaven Heyes."

"Is that so?" he said in a very low and seductive voice. He leaned down and kissed Laurie more passionately.





Lom ordered Kid a bath and after waiting a short time, he and Tom went over to see Sheriff Slatery. Lom knocked on the door and they walked in.


"Sheriffs Trevors and Hardy," Slatery said with a little uncertainty in his voice.

"Good memory Sheriff Slatery," Lom said as he stuck his hand out to shake Slatery's hand. "Call me Lom."

"Tom," Hardy said as he too shook Slatery's hand.

"Jacob," Slatery said. "What can I do for the two of you?"

"Just wanted to find out whatever I could about the robbery and why you thought it was Heyes who was shot," Lom stated.

"Oh, it was only an attempted robbery," Slatery explained. "They never actually got in the bank. It is the newest in security ya know. Anyway, the guard heard one of the robbers yell out the name Heyes when the guy was shot. After checkin' the wanted posters, the guy fits the description, so that's why we sent out the telegram to get confirmation. Stanley ain't goin' t' be to happy he ain't gettin' the reward."

"Stanley?" Tom questioned.

"He's the guard" Slatery clarified. "He would've gotten the reward if it was Hannibal Heyes. Since it ain't, I guess the guy yellin’ was jes tryin' to get Heyes' attention."

"Why are you so sure it was Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry who tried to rob the bank?" Lom asked.

"Because," Slatery simple said, "Why else would they yell his name?"

Lom and Tom stood looking at each other, how could they argue that without sounding like they knew something or just plain ridiculous. Why else would someone yell his name unless he was trying to cause Heyes and Kid trouble? Lom looked at Tom and quietly said, "Kelly." Tom nodded. "Well Jacob," Lom said to Slatery, "Did this guard get a look at any of the other men?"

"Sure," he replied. "He got a good look at two or three of ‘em,” he said.

"How many were there?" Tom asked.

"Stanley said ‘bout eight to ten," Slatery said. "Why so many questions?"

"Well we, or I should say I have information that says Heyes and Curry are up north. I'm just trying to figure out if that information is accurate or if they were here," Lom explained. "Maybe if we can catch a few of the guys, Stanley can identify them and we'll find out the truth."

"You know the Devil's Hole Gang?" Slatery said with eye opened wide in amazement.

"I know who enough of them are, that I would be able to tell if these men are the Devil's Hole Gang or another gang," Lom said.

"Why's that so important?" Slatery asked.

"Because one of them is dead and they shot a man. Heyes and Curry never killed anyone before. If it's them, they may have changed. It would be nice to find out before I met up with them," Lom said.

"Good point," Slatery said nodding his head.

"Thanks for your time Jacob," Lom said as he extended his hand. Tom followed suit and they left Slatery's office and headed back to the hotel.




Laurie laid her head on Heyes' shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her. She studied his face for a minute or two, "Penny for your thoughts," she sighed.

"Hmm," he said as he turned his head to look at her. "Just enjoying being here right now with you in my arms, not thinking."

Laurie propped herself up on her elbow, "You may be able to fool most people but you can't fool me. You have been in a mood since before you left Small Falls and you're still in it. I thought it was because you were restless and wanted to leave. You and Kid have been on your own now for almost two months and you're still in the mood." She paused for a moment then she hesitated and added, "I thought you were happy to see me. Was I wrong? Am I what's bothering you?" Laurie held her breath as the words came out not wanting to know the answer but wanting to find out what was bothering Heyes.

"No," he said as he wrapped both arms around her and pulled her close. "It's not you."

Laurie closed her eyes, he said the right word but it was how he said them and the fact that his body stiffened as he said them. She swallowed hard and held on tight, "Heyes," she said quietly, her voice tight. "You said the right words but your body isn't agreeing. I don't want to be a burden or an obligation, I will understand. You need to do what is right for you and Kid. If it's not me please tell me."

Heyes lay quietly holding on to her like it would be the last time he would ever be able to. After what seemed like hours he finally cleared his throat and said, "It's not you, it's me."


She held onto him harder, afraid that he would just vanish into thin air. She concentrated on her breathing trying not to tremble or cry.


"It's me," Heyes said again. "I can't take care of you and Kid."

The words slowly registered with Laurie. Shocked she lifted her head and looked at his face, "To begin with, I never asked you to take care of me. I've taken care of myself for some time and I don't need anyone to do it for me," she said sternly. "Now having said that," Laurie's voice softened, "you have taken wonderful care of me and Kid. Since the first day we met, you have been there for me. Why don't you think you can take care of us?"

"You and Kid," Heyes stared at the ceiling and everywhere else but at Laurie. "You both have such blind faith that I'll make things right."

She chuckled, "Oh my," she chuckled again. "Hannibal Heyes," she said in a voice that was both soothing and factual, "It is not blind faith at all. Our faith in you is based on fact. We know that when we really need you, you will always be there for us. That's a fact." Laurie smiled and placed her hand gently on Heyes' face, "See not blind faith - fact. Absolute fact." She leaned up and gently kissed him on the cheek.


Heyes turned his head to catch her gaze, "What if I can't get us out of a tight spot? If I can't come up with a plan?"

"Then Kid or I will have to pitch in," she said softly as she stroked the side of his face. "I certainly haven't pulled my weight and I think if you ask Kid, he would like to be the one who did the thinking some of the time. We just never get a chance; you're much too quick for us." She lightly kissed his lips, "Make no mistake Hannibal Heyes, both of us are willing to step up and take some of the burden for you." Laurie gently laid her head on Heyes' chest.

"We live in a hotel room. That's it. If it weren't for the goodness of Walter and Doris who knows where we would live! I have no steady job to support you with. Give you a home. A place where we can be a family." Heyes paused and then said the big thing, what everything in his life revolved around, "What if we don't get our amnesty?"

Laurie laid her arm across Heyes' chest and held on, "I don't need a house. Where ever you are is my home. I don't care if it's a hotel room, a shack, or underneath the stars. You are my home. You're my life. It's just that simple. If we're together it's heaven. If we're apart, I'll wait for you to come back." Laurie lifted her head to look into Heyes' eyes, "Believe me I would prefer to be together, but I know what I signed up for. If it works better for you or you and Kid then I'll accept it, I won't be thrilled but I'll understand."


Laurie laid her head back on his chest and listened to his heartbeat for a minute then added, "Worse case scenario is that you'll just have to be quiet and stay out of the way until people forget who you are.  My guess is that people will stop looking for you and blaming you for everything when you're out of the news for a little while longer. As far as the amnesty, never worried about it," Laurie said matter-of-factly. "If it comes it will be great, if it doesn't, then maybe we have to move around a little more. No big deal in my book."

Heyes lay there for a minute thinking of what Laurie just said, ‘no big deal in her book'. A smile slowly began to creep across his face and then a low guttural laugh emerged from his throat, "No big deal huh? You have it all figured out?" Lifting her head so he could see her face he said, "Have I told you I love you?" He bent his head down and kissed her. He gazed into her eyes, "Thank you." Heyes kissed her again, "I think it's time to get dressed and figure out how to clear our names."

She looked at him, "Sounds like a plan," she said as a big smile spread across her face.




The couple got up and got dressed. As Heyes was about to knock on the door in between rooms he stopped and turned to face Laurie. He gently put his hand on the side of her face, "I love you," he said as he didn't make eye contact and his tone was quiet, almost sad.

She reached up and put her hand on his removing it from her face but still holding on, "Do you want me to stay in here?"

"No," Heyes said still quiet and still not making eye contact.

"Is there something else?" Laurie said quietly as she moved her head trying to catch his gaze. He continued to avoid looking into her eyes.

After a few moments of standing there silently Heyes very quietly said, "There's something I need to tell you. I'm not proud of it, but I had to do it."


Laurie swallowed hard with the worse thoughts starting to run through her mind. Of course her first thought was that he had been unfaithful and she really didn't want to hear it. She had told him in the beginning that it wouldn't matter she would still be there for him but she never expected him to be or to tell her about it. She started to let go of his hand and step away when Heyes gently held on and picked up her other hand.


She was looking at the floor and her eyes closed in fear as he began to speak again. "I needed to protect you," he said softly. "I couldn't let them know you were my wife."


Okay, Laurie thought trying to breath. He did it not to blow his cover. She tried to pull away again; she didn't want to hear anymore.


"They saw you in Clayton," Heyes said as his voice sounded slightly shaky.


Laurie began to get a little confused.


"I couldn't tell them I was married, they could hunt you down and hurt you."


She lifted her head and looked in eyes.


He swallowed hard as he returned her gaze.


Tears began to fill Laurie's eyes as she shook her head no indicating she didn't want to hear anymore.


Heyes closed his eyes, "I told them you weren't my wife, you were just for hire."


Laurie had begun to pull away from him when the words reached her. She stopped struggling and looked at him, he opened his eyes. "I'm sorry. I couldn't take the chance they would come after you or use you to get to Kid and me. I told them you were just for hire. To help with the cover."

Heyes let go of Laurie's hand as she brought it to her mouth tears overflowed and began to stream down her face. Her face quickly alternated between a smile and pursed lips as relief ran through her body. He wasn't really sure what to make of her actions or the strange things going on, on her face. Finally Laurie was able to sort things out well enough and to control herself to blurt out, "That's all!" She halfway giggled and sort of bawled.


Heyes was not sure what he should do or say as he watched Laurie seem to go back and forth between crying and laughing all while waving her hands around.


Almost out of breath Laurie said, "I thought you were going to tell me you were unfaithful." Just saying the words made more tears pour down her face and almost made her hyperventilate.

Heyes reached up and wiped the tears off Laurie's face, "Never," he said quietly as he pulled her into him. "Never," he repeated as he held her tight and stroked her head.

Laurie's breathing and body became calm as she rested her head against his chest listening to his heartbeat. She slowly lifted her head off his chest and looked into brown eyes, "It's okay. I know you were just trying to protect me." Still seeing the sadness is his eyes she added, "It was the right thing to do. They could have come after me. They could have spread it around and then the law could have known where you were. It was the right thing." Laurie held Heyes' gaze when her eyes became devilish, as she sigh and seductively said, "Just think of all the possibilities it brings us?"

Heyes' eyes became as devilish as hers as he leaned over and seductively replied, "You better mean with me."

"Oh, only with you Hannibal Heyes, only you," she said breathlessly.


He pulled Laurie in as close to him as possible as he passionately kissed her.

Coming up for air, they both heard the door close and voices next door. "I guess we'll have to continue this later," he said with his face only inches from her. "Time to get to work." They released each other, Laurie shifted her dress, patted her hair and when she thought she had pulled herself together enough nodded at Heyes who opened the door in between the rooms.






The couple walked into the room as Lom closed the door to the hallway. "What'd ya find out?" Kid asked. Heyes looked slightly confused so Kid explained, "Lom and Tom went to see Slatery when you left."


Heyes nodded.

"Found out the guard's name is Stanley. He's the one that heard Heyes' name when the guy was shot," Lom said.

"So he shot this guy?Who yelled out Heyes?" Heyes questioned.

"Come to think of it, Slatery said that Stanley heard your name when the guy was shot, but didn't say he was the one who shot him," Tom said.

"Alright," Heyes said as he began to pace. "So there must have been another guard or someone else there if Stanley didn't shoot me," Heyes stuttered then corrected himself, "the guy." Turning to Lom, "We need to get a look at this guy. Kid and I could tell you who it is and it might help in figuring things out."

"I could tell Slatery you're my deputies," Lom suggested, "That maybe you knew who it was."

Kid rolled his eyes.


"Yeah Kid, I know. Every time we're deputies something goes wrong, but it's the best way to get a look," Heyes said. Turning to Lom, "Did you give Slatery any reason for talking to him? Something we need to know?"

"Told him we believed you and Kid were up north. We needed to know if you changed the way you worked," Lom stated.

"Up to now the two of you never killed anyone," Tom added.

"We still haven't," Kid reminded them. "It wasn't us."

"I know," Tom said holding his hand up. "It's just a little confusing with the names."

"That's why we have to find out who's dead," Heyes said. "We need to know if it's one of Jake's guys. We need to be able to clear our names if we have any hope for amnesty." Heyes continued to pace.


Kid looked at Lom and smiled.


Lom nodded, Heyes was back!


Heyes continued to pace.

"What name are you going to use?" Laurie asked. Heyes gave her a questioning look. "Slatery knows my name is Smith and we came looking for my husband Joshua."

Heyes nodded, "Well there are a lot of Smiths but another Joshua Smith might be pushing it."

"I also didn't tell him I knew Lom, just that he could identify Hannibal Heyes," Laurie added.

"That's easy enough to explain," Heyes said. "You were still in shock. You came looking for you husband and didn't find him. You were relieved but still worried."

"Explaining another Joshua Smith?" Tom asked.

"That would be a little more difficult," Heyes paused and ran his hand through his hair. He paced the room then turned to look at all of them as a smile began to form on his face. Kid and Lom noted the smile and realized Heyes was formulating a plan. "It would explain why we are all here together though."


Turning to Lom, "Former deputies. Moved to Small Falls and I married Laurie. We were working when the gang took us hostage because we came across their hide out. We got caught on the other side of the river during the storm. Had no idea about the attempted robbery but came to Dry Gulch to send a telegram to Laurie." Heyes chuckled, "What could be a better cover than the truth? Well except for the deputy part." Heyes' eyes began to twinkle slightly.

"It would all tie us together," Lom stated. "What type of work do you do now?"

"We work for the Governor, but it's very secretive," Heyes said with a smile.

"How do you explain that you’re already here?" Tom asked.

"Don't have to," Heyes stated. "Kid and I came in the back way. No one saw us. Horses are still out in back of town. We can quietly go, get them and ride into town. Lom will just by chance be out on the porch or walking across the street." Heyes paused and a very devilish grin crossed his face as he raised his eyebrow, "And I get to have a reunion with Laurie."

Kid sat there and rolled his eyes. "So we get in town and see the body, then what?"

"See who it is, then we go talk to Stanley. We're angry that we were held and want to get the gang that did it," Heyes stated. "I think there is more to this than the robbery. Something just doesn't feel right."

"Feel right," Tom said looking confused as he questioned Heyes.

"Yeah," he said plainly. "Someone got killed, the bank wasn't robbed and someone called out my name. It sounds like a set up, but I don't have all the pieces."

"You feel this?" Tom questioned again as he looked curiously at Kid and Lom.

"Heyes feels a lot of things," Kid said, "and he's usually right. I agree somethin’ just doesn't add up to why they used his name durin’ the robbery." Turning to Heyes, "Do you think Jake was just yellin’ in frustration because he should have believed you?"

"Could be," Heyes said. "Could also be Kelly trying to set us up to take the fall."

"But why, he doesn't know about the amnesty does he?" Lom asked.

"No, that's why it doesn't add up," Heyes paused for a minute and added, "Unless he shot the guy and is setting us up for murder."


Kid sighed and closed his eyes.


"Kid," Heyes said grabbing his hat, "I think it's time for us to make an entrance into town. We better start figuring this out." Turning to Lom before they left, "Give us five minutes or so and then make sure you're outside."